Only Bugatti could get away with selling a €250,000 pool table

It's made from carbon fibre too...of course.

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Bugatti, the famous car manufacturer has just released a carbon fibre pool table costing €250,000 and it's something only they could get away with selling.

It is aimed at Bugatti's collector clientele (which is pretty much all of them) and it is a piece which could sit in theirt home, summer home, winter home, or even their yacht.

True to the Bugatti name, the Pool Table uses innovative technology to give it the edge over rival products. An optional servo-driven system deploys a gyroscopic sensor to level the table – in case of installation on board a yacht. Each leg can move to compensate for the movement of a ship and remain perfectly level. The system can adjust in just 5 milliseconds, and the movement is completed in total silence with vibration-free adjustment.

Just like the hyper sports cars made in Molsheim, the Bugatti Pool Table is made of the high quality materials including carbon fibre, aluminium and titanium, leather, and so much more.

A unique plate can be seen on each Bugatti Pool Table, displaying the famous Bugatti logo and the limited-edition number for each product. Speaking of which, Bugatti is making just 30 examples of this pool table, with five to be made by IXO® in 2021.

A dimmable LED ceiling light is also made with carbon fiber, while other official branded Bugatti accessories include a chalk box, finished in black with anodized aluminum, cleaning brush in black, a suitcase made in Bugatti leather to transport the set of Aramith Tournament Pro balls while a USB key, presented also in a CNC-machined aluminium case, includes photos and videos of each table made, so the customer could see the full history of the manufacturing steps of their Pool Table. The box is lined with the same leather used in the construction of the Pool Table.

Stephan Winkelmann, President of Bugatti Automobiles, said: “It is our pleasure to be working with a manufacturing partner that mirrors the qualities of Bugatti. Through our shared values, we can be sure that the Bugatti Pool Table will be made with extremely high quality materials, that the standard of the limited production will be very high, and that the technology used to make the product is advanced."

"We only choose the best partners to represent our famous Bugatti marque, yet we know that IXO® will meet the same benchmarks we expect in the production of hyper sports cars made in our Molsheim Atelier," he added.

The first official Bugatti Pool Table will be delivered to customers in June and is available to purchase for €250.000, including the accessories.

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Comments (11)

  • How to be a premium car manufacturer

    1. Make a car that is very expensive because it is made of carbon fiber

    2. Make a lot of branded items that are very expensive because they are made of carbon fiber

      2 days ago
  • Rolls Royce is gonna come out with a £300,000 pool table now

      1 day ago
  • This is Porsche’s idea turned up to 11. Brand all sorts of crap and sell for excessive prices. There will always be some rich mug who’ll buy it.

    It was basically the interns lockdown project!!!

      1 day ago
  • What is the point of carbon fiber pool table , the table is slate and is going to weight some pounds, You want a heavy table not one that moves around cause it's too light !! Yep there's a sucker born every minute !!

      1 day ago
  • *and Richard Mille

      1 day ago