Ooh you filthy bugger

Don't get me wrong, I'm a sucker for a clean car and can't think of a better afternoon than getting my rags on and spend hours brushing, foaming and waxing to my heart's content. But, a lot can be said for a dirty car and, after all, there's no point in washing a clean car.

As we all know, the winter the UK roads make our pride and joy a muddy, salty, dull mess in a matter of days and it can ruin your weekend's work in a matter of minutes. So why not embrace it? If the car is going to get filthy, challenge yourself to see just how dirty it can get before you cave in and give it the maintenance it deserves.

That was the whole point of our escapade as 3 of the NMR cadets decided not to shine 'em up before convoying through norfolk's finest but to instead go out dirty with one intention, to find out just how dirty our roads are and how dirty a car can get before it's considered acceptable to clean it.

The day started where all good convoys do, at a local supermarket, the universally accepted rendezvous point. From there we went along some lovely country roads towards the coast and genuinely enjoyed driving.

Eventually we found a nice stretch of dual carriageway so decided to utilise this with some artsy moving shots, love a bit of photography when it involves hanging out of a window. Trying to photograph at a low shutter speed in a moving Cupra R and a Brera is a pain in the a**e, especially when 'boosting is life'.

Photographs done, we found a suitably muddy lay-by to pull over and take some shots of our efforts before deciding it's far too cold to be standing around taking photographs and a cup of tea sounds like a much better idea, but not before a final blast down some idyllic norfolk roads as a convoy, the way driving should be done!

Nowadays 'home detailing' has become a thing and there are a huge amount of products out there to make our cars shiny and look fantastic when shared on social media. I for one think these products are a god-send and really make washing a car fun. If you haven't yet tried Project 32 by Autobrite Direct, I highly recommend it! But I think there are also a lot of car owners scared to take their cars out in the winter, afraid of getting it dirty.

So next time you're looking at your car and pondering your washing schedule, stop and take it for a drive, you'd be amazed at how satisfying it can be.