Ooooh loook at that ass

So, plagiarism aside, I didn't have some interesting thoughts about the Chiron. (Thank you -, please don't sue me) (I have less than no money)

The speed I felt whoosh past me, when I didn't take this picture...

So... it's verrrry Pretty... Can drain its Tank in 9 mins... and comes in Different colours... Nice.

I like this Red colour... (Ryan RocKs Colours)

However... I wish they did and all over Red... like this Blue...

More colour options and Pictures can be found at

Which is... Nice.

So any way... in this game of Fantasy

(sponsored, if without their knowledge by

Would you have one? And in what colour?

Let's face it, if you could afford one in the first place. You could probably choose a colour that isn't listed. So... go nuts, choose any colour you like.

But... Tell us what that would be. :-)

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