Oooooooooo pretty round headlights (thank you)

I do love me some round headlights. saw one at the shops the other day and had to talk to the owner, these are just a random pictures pulled off the interwebs.

banded steels looks realy nice dont you think?

So sorry for leaving you guys for 9 days, been away and internetless. but im back now and wow thank you all so much, when i last came on there was just over 30 people and i was super excited about that, now there are 1.6k of you........ i cant believe it.

im all for low cars but thats a bit to much for me

So this is just a quick thank you and a welcome to all the new people that have joined, im back now and will hopefully be posting regularly with random videos,pictures and anything else i think you might find interesting.

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