Oops, I've been Alfa'd

2y ago


I didn't mean to buy it, honestly. The plan was simply to do a regular video review ( youtu.be/1sxaMxzf0UA ) and then hand it back to The Hairpin Company and move on. But the more time I spent with this '67 Alfa Romeo Duetto Spider, the more I was seduced by all those qualities that used to make Alfa so desirable back in their heyday. You know, looks, sound, poise and a big helping of unpretentiousness mixed with Italianess; this little Duetto has it all.

Now it's fair to say Pininfarina know a thing or to about how to design a sexy roadster and the sixties was a glorious time when designers had few regulations to worry about, so there was a freedom to design cars with a delicacy that simply isn't possible today. I guess the brief from Alfa Romeo would have been to simply design the prettiest car possible and I think it's fair to say they nailed it with this little Alfa Spider.

And then there's the infamous Alfa twin-cam 1750cc engine. As part of the deal, Hairpin Co agreed to send the car down to top Alfa specialist, Ian Ellis Alfas, for a pre-delivery checkover and whilst it was there, I got them to fit a set of K&Ns air-filters to give the engine a proper Weber DOCE40 'snort'. The resulting sound-track is near 4-pot perfection, being a mix of Escort Mexico/Lotus Elan/Alfa twin-cam bark on full throttle but which then returns to a quiet gargle when you're not in a hurry and simply want to enjoy the scenery but without the bark.

I admit I'm rather happy with my latest purchase, it feels like a more grown-up Lotus Elan Sprint (which is a fair bit quicker, it has to be said), a mini exotic that delivers a generous helping of bang for buck (approx £38k). I love it for it's simplicity, the fact RRM 84F is in near perfect condition (rare for a sixties Alfa) and reckon the silver hue suits it perfectly too.

So that's why I succumbed to its obvious charms and took the plunge. It's not often I buy a car almost on impulse but then it's not often an opportunity as good as this one comes along. Will this Alfa romance continue for ever more? Who knows, but I'll keep you posted..

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