- The Opel Corsa-e Rally Car. Pic Credits: Opel

Opel introduces the First Electric Rally Car

German Automaker Opel is back with big news - they are converted their Corsa-e into a rally car. This is the first all electric rally car in the world. The rally car will feature in rally series also launched by Opel - the ADAC Opel e-Rally Cup. The rally spec car will make its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show next month. The rally series will begin summer 2020.

in action this EV won't be boring

Since the car is based on the Corsa-e, its rally cousin also shares the same powertrain - a 50KwH battery pack with an output of 136 hp and 192 lb-ft of torque. All the power goes to the front wheels. To complete the rally car Opel have given the Corsa-e rally suspension, big rally brakes (or thats what I call them), just kept the essentials in interior with a rally spec roll cage, floor boards to protect the engine and transmission and a hydraulic "fly-off" handbrake for some sideways action. The neon wheels do look good. I have to say this, in action this EV won't be boring.

The series will feature 15 identical Corsa-e rally cars. It will take place at events around the German Rally Championship and other series events. This series will be similar to the I-Pace series by Jaguar. Since all the cars are the same the costs are lowered, this allows lower budget teams to have the same contention chances as the (possible) big ones. It also allows up and coming drivers to enter as well and be able to show their capabilities, rather than the brilliance of their car, due to the cars capabilities being the same. Opel claim that this will be a great way for the drivers to get noticed and move up in the racing ladder. Since, Opel is now part of Groupe PSA (Peugeot, Citroen, etc), this will allow the group to scout for drivers for themselves in the future.

EV + motorsport + sideways + lose surface = not boring.

All I can think of is an equation - EV + motorsport + sideways + lose surface = not boring. I like this a lot and looking forward to see this in action. Due to the torque the electric motors produce, this will be brilliant in the dirt. And I will say this now - Electric will be the future of Rally.

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