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  • I just like Opel's badge more. And wait isnt Vauxhall just the English opel or are Opel not the original brand?

      21 days ago
    • Vauxhall is the original brand, but only sold in the UK, when they wanted to sell in Europe Opel was born. They are literally the same company, just different sales regions.

        21 days ago
    • Ah i see so the other way around ti my story. Why was Opel made in Germany then and what did Vauxhall have to do with it?

        21 days ago
  • They’re basically the same.

      22 days ago
  • I certainly like the Vauxhall logo more.

      22 days ago
  • Holden!!!

      16 days ago
  • Both former GM owned companies that made no money for us.

      22 days ago
    • Vauxhall made money for Luton though! Half of 1970s Vauxhall cars were built in Luton and gave working class Lutonians a steady job.

      Until the GM buyout.

        22 days ago
    • Well them and Vauxhall made GM lose money.

        21 days ago


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