Feeling those summer vibes yet? No? Let's take a ride in a 1996 Porsche 993 Cabriolet. The ultimate way to experience the air-cooled flat-six.

We've driven 993's before. A Turbo and Carrera. Amazing cars that procure kind of a classic feeling with modern features. These are cars you can actually drive everyday. Yet, we've been waiting to experience an open top version of the car. Finally, here it is. We've got our hands on a pristine 993 Carrera 4 Cabriolet and here's her story.

The car was sold new in Massachusetts, USA on the 28.02.1996. Then, the current owner took the car to New Hampshire, California, Denmark and it now sits in the french part of Switzerland. It had a total of four owners, which is not such a big surprise since it is a 20 plus year old car. It moved a lot, but it was always kept original. It has this beautiful tan interior and deep black exterior paint that go perfectly together. Oh, and did I forget to mention that it is a manual?

I've never been such a huge fan of the convertible. In my opinion, the 911 was first started as a Coupe, so if I should get my own one day, it will not be a Cabriolet. But I was wrong. I didn't know what to expect from this car. I knew that being a Carrera 4 the car would be heavier with the four-wheel drive system. Also, being open top, I knew that the car would be even more heavy because of the reinforced chassis. So, yes, I expected a hefty car that shouldn't be that fun to drive. Wrong again.

if I should get my own one day, it will not be a Cabriolet. But I was wrong.

Jonathan Yarden

Even though the car weighs about 100 kg more than a standard Carrera 2 Coupe, I was impressed by the way it drives. Indeed, the car feels more weighty but on the other hand it brings different sensations. The only thing I wanted to do with the car, was cruise. I did not need to go fast. I felt the nice summer breeze going through my hair and the flat-six roaring. That's all I needed. Obviously, I pressed the gas pedal a few times, but don't expect it to be that fast. It used to be fast. But, by today's standards, it completely falls behind any hot hatch. It will eventually hit 270 km/h, so that's still impressive. I also loved the comfort. You feel the road exceptionally well but it isn't a harsh ride. The seats are comfortable and with the natural patina, they look like this cool old leather armchair at your grandparents. I also loved the fact that there is no screen, or nothing else that can distract your driving. There's a CD player though.

In terms of design, the car keeps all the elements that make the 993 one of the prettiest 911's of all time. I'm still not a huge fan of the way the car looks with the top on. It's a hand-stitched soft top that is fully electrical. I had a bit of a struggle to put it down, because I actually did not know that the car needed to be on a standstill with the handbrake on. Weird, but anyway. I still think that they should've made Speedster version out of it. Porsche Exclusive did eventually produce two cars. One for Ferdinand Porsche's 60th birthday and one for nontheless than Jerry Seinfeld. Obviously. The only element I really dislike on this car is the windshield. It stands too high and should be flatter. On the other hand, I like the little spoiler at the back that also holds the third brake light. That's smart. Overall, I liked this 993 Cabriolet experience. It drives very closely to the way a regular Coupe 911 would while having the perks of a convertible. It's air-cooled, it's open, it's open air!

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Perego Cars, situated in Switzerland, for giving me the opportunity to review and shoot this car that is currently on sale. Website: www.peregocars.com/en Facebook: www.facebook.com/peregocars/ Instagram: www.instagram.com/peregocars/

Porsche 993 Carrera 4 Cabriolet

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