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Open Letter for the Trio:

25w ago


Dear Jeremy clarkson, James May & Richard Hammond.

This letter is not your average admiration letter with a lot of fanboyism and incoherent sentences but I guess it is an admiration letter anyways so I`ll go straight to the point of this letter.

Since I was born in 1998 top gear was already a thing, it was a program meant to review cars and say "X is better than Y car" but it somewhat evolved into a comedy show involving cars along car reviews, not a full on serious boring car review program telling literally everything about the car you wanted to buy even the compression ratio or how much oil it looses trough the oilpan every year by that time in 1998 I wasn`t even formed in what a car was by then because I was literally still a baby that had yet to grow and learn while falling over and learn that the sockets in the walls aren`t something you stick your eyes in to watch TV, so here`s below the story about how I became a petrolhead)


If you have readen it You may figure out why I`m a huge petrolhead, not only I discovered the automotive world thanks to cars like the Lotus Elise 111R the mischievous Subaru Impreza WRX STI and the old but charming Renault Alpine a1110 with the both beastly and deadly Renault 5 turbo

part of the reason why I grew to be a petrolhead was mostly when I watched the program in my 8s still in primary, i saw challenges like "what`s the best car for a teenager?" "what`s the best car-train or the funny amphibious challenge" I would be lying if I said I didn`t even laugh because most of the scripted jokes and humour were actually pretty funny and natural acted and despite knowing that there was a script behind the program I enjoyed it Noneteethless.

But as I kept growing already in my teen years going to meets with idiots in scooters with a fartcan attached or "chavs" as you say in england... I ended up realizing that there was something else to the script, it was actually a friendship between all of you 3, messing around and playing like kids (specially on the teenage car challenge when Jeremy and Hammond glued James may`s Stero and it got stuck playing that infernal noise for miles) it reminded me back of my 8s when we fooled around putting bottles stuck to the rear wheels of our bikes for them to make noise as if they were gas powered or put glitter and glue on the handles of each other`s bike so whoever rode it ended with sticky and shiny hands, I remembered a lot of great times as I watched the program.

but all that changed since that incident in which Jeremy was expelled from the BBC for not adhering to the norm of being politically correct: Don`t joke about chernobyl, The jokes about the falkands are extremely forbidden, Please no "N" word... you kind of catch my drift, along that sacking... which was a complete shitshow the world witnessed.

naturally when the incident happened I thought it would be different, each one of you would go separate ways and that would be it but... unexpectedly the trio remained together and didn`t budge to the pressure, Jezza, Captain slow and Hamster didn`t move from their place despite the forces they faced, and behind them a roaring army of fans that would suport them.

and after all of that The Grand Tour was born, all it took for me is to look at the trailer and I knew for sure that It would be a program everyone would like, no more politically correct filters or restrictions of jokes, No more extremely tight scripts that left no room for improvisation.

My message for the trio is quite simple, I know that there are already people that say that you are too old to remain in the battlezone of TV, that the Dry scripted humour of Chris Evans is the best in the world but I have to tell you that ... you have made a milestone in the stories of many petrolheads that saw top gear and the grand tour, you`re a reference for many car guys around the world and it doesn`t matter if you keep getting old and old, because all three of you are the actors that decide when to close the curtain and end the performance you made for a lot of years, but long story short...

Thanks to all of you 3 for showing a lot of people the fantastic world of cars, make us excited with vertigo maneuvers at high speed along discovering heavenly roads and create funny humour for us to have a laugh and remember our younger times when we messed around at every step, we cannot thank all of you enough for that.

I hope all of you 3 have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year, never change.