O​pinion Rant: The BMW Driver has Moved to a Tesla

S​ticking to your rear bumper, not using turn signals, excessive speeding... sound familiar?

1w ago

W​e all know about the stereotypical BMW driver that we've all seen on our roads in the past. The one that sticks 10 cm away from your back bumper, rarely (or ever) uses turn signals, and cuts you off every chance they get. Sure some of those BMW drivers still exist here and there. But, I'm noticing more and more Tesla drivers exhibiting the same characteristics.

It's as though they're entitled to the roads...

M​aybe it's the price of the cars or their flamboyant "supreme leader" Elon Musk that's getting to their heads, but I'm noticing more and more Tesla Model S and Model 3 drivers behaving like BMW drivers of not so long ago. It's as though they're entitled to the roads because of how expensive their cars are and how quickly they can get off the line.

I​ don't know if it's the same in your part of the world, but here in Vancouver, Canada they are everywhere and a lot of them behave the same way. Cutting other drivers off when changing lanes, sticking to your back bumper, speeding 30 to 40 km/h above the prevailing speed limit, lack of turn signals, etc.

S​o why do Tesla drivers behave like this? A sense of entitlement? Maybe. I don't own a Tesla but I have driven one as well as 600+ hp cars and yet, I don't have the urge to stick to someone's back bumper risking an accident or cutting them off for the same reason.

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Comments (59)

  • The twat who wore polarized Oakleys and a Bluetooth earpiece with his E46 M3 back in 2005 is now retired and rocking a Tesla he won’t shut up about

      11 days ago
  • Dutchy here, also a Model 3 driver. It's a very popular lease car here, so I'm sure many Audi, BMW etc. lease drivers got one, so it's possible...

    But I notice most Tesla drivers lack that Alpha male testosterone attitude, Tesla drivers here tend to be very relaxed and courteous drivers, much like me (but maybe it's just me), because nothing to prove really.

      11 days ago
    • Cheers, glad to hear manners are still a thing, it really does matter (must add that mistakes aren't impolite, we are all human, I have accidentally cut people up before)

        9 days ago
    • I think its just you. I drive on the A50 Oss to Eindhoven every morning and I encounter at least 5 tesla's that have something small to compensate for. Maybe every tesla driver in Brabant is just a 'tering leier'.

        9 days ago
  • I can understand the lack of turn signals - one extra flash and you run out of range 🤣

      10 days ago
  • I walk to school everyday, and as I live in a fairly rich area see up to 10 Teslas daily. Only one of them has ever stopped to let me cross a road out of about 50 overall, on multiple occasions I saw them going evidently at least 15mph over the 30mph speed limit and there is almost no indication as to when they turn round corners at junctions. So Teslas are becoming the new BMWs, in my part of the world at least.

      10 days ago
    • I have seen 43 teslas in the last 14 minutes (yes I counted) and they are all trying to kill me


        9 days ago
    • Lmao

        9 days ago
  • They tailgate to get a tow and save leccy, then don’t use indicators to save more leccy. It could give them an extra 50 yards lol

      9 days ago