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Opinion: Road Construction

Growing Pains

Let me just say that there is road construction and then there's Road Construction. Repaving a road, filling potholes, putting up a new guard rail are all examples of road construction. Turning a winding two lane country road into a four lane divided highway that must traverse mountains, creeks and rivers is an example of Road Construction. For the last 7 years I have been traveling a stretch of road that has been under Road Construction! The distance between the two towns has been reworked in 3 stages. The first two stages were broken up into 12 mile lengths. All that is left is the last 6 mile stage. This last stage will require the construction of four, rather large bridges. But when the road is finely done everyone that travels between the two towns will experience a far easier commute. The below video shows just how nice a finished section of the road is.

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Video recorded during my commute to work over a 5 day period. Edited by: Chris Breeden

I'm not going to get into how much the road costs or how many people travel it everyday. I'm sure it costs way too much money and some people will say not nearly enough people drive on it to justify such a nice road. It has happened and nothing will stop the Tennessee state government when it thinks something's a good idea! The below video shows what the road was like, before the construction altered the old roadway. It was full of blind curves, blind hills and didn't allow for safe passing. The video also shows what dealing with typical rural traffic in a Construction Zone is like in the US.

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Video recorded during my commute to work over a 5 day period. Edited by: Chris Breeden

In about a year and a half the construction should be completed. Then all of this mud and having to stop for flagman will be over. Everyone will be able to drive between the two towns without fear of being stuck behind the occasional tractor or slow moving farm truck. Accident rates should go down as well, since intersections will be widened to allow for better visibility.

The odd thing about all of this? The speed limit before the construction: 55 MPH. The speed limit after construction: 55 MPH. The stupidity of government knows no limits!

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Art by: Chris Breeden

Art by: Chris Breeden

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Comments (3)

  • For the last year or so, there have been road works at St Erth on the A30. There has been many people working on it, lots of large machines and the inevitable delays.

    It has now just about finished.

    So what have they actually done?

    Well they have put a set of traffic lights on a T-Junction, and made the road a bit wider, oh and reduced the speed limit.

    I hate to think how many millions it has cost, and I know my council are not shrewd with money, an example being that they have just planted some new flowers and I noticed that they came from the local garden centre. Now I don't have a real problem with people buying locally, though in economics it is just supporting inefficiency, but not at £10-£15 a pot for what I pay 2 or 3 quid for.

      2 years ago
    • City governments are the worst! It's like they intentionally try to find ways to waste money. I guess they have to grease the wheels for the next election!

        2 years ago
    • Or they are just using up the last of the £1.5bn of European money before their electorate realise what they have done for Cornwall by voting to leave. Knobs, the lot of them.

        2 years ago