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Opinion: The 2019 Mustang GT looks too European

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In recent model years Ford has found a fool proof ways to make their cars look good; copy the Europeans. Just look at a quick side by side of the front of a new Explorer vs the front of a Range rover, there not carbon copies but there is definitely some striking similarity. The 2019 Fusion looks like someone squished an Aston Martin with a Mercedes then shrunk it down. There are other examples such as base modes of the Focus. In the past few years Ford added some much needed style, so, they turned to the Europeans, and copied them. Range Rover vs Ford explorer Aston vs Ford

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Now make absolutely no mistake about it. The newest edition of this fine automobile is stunning, and I don't think many people dispute that. In addition if Fords current trajectory is any indication this car oughta preform brilliantly as well.

The first time I saw this car I was taken aback by the looks, sleek, powerful, and agressive are all appropriate adjectives. Then I looked a little closer and really took a look at it, the grill is slightly Audi esque, the vented hood is straight off the F type, the grooved sides and bulging rear wheels are akin to the latest vanquish, and lastly that tear drop roof screems Porche. While it does take from many other cars it does take the best from each; it's a beautiful frankenstien of sorts.

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So whats a good look for a modern muscle car? Take this Dodge challenger SRT it looks modern however it also has the distinct, unmistakeable look of a classic challenger. Dodge didnt take from modern good looking cars, instead they took inspiration from the cars of ages past. To me this styling reflects on what a modern American muscle car ought be. A modernized and refined version of the Detroit v8 muscle that started the pony car revolution that thundered on on since the first ever Mustang rolled off the prodution line.

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Now Ford has plenty of inspirarion to choose from there's the classic and gorgeus 1965 gt350, the bonkers Mach 1, or the fierce Boss 302. So if you ask me the best looking modern mustangs come from the 2014 model year. It was the last of the Mustangs to have that unmistakeable yet unidentifyable quality that defines the look of a muscle car. It shares more with the classic mustangs that made us all fall in love. It may not be as over all good looking as the shiny new mustang, but it looks like a mustang.

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