OPINION: What's the best car journalist website?

Which is best? Car and Driver, Driving.com or MotorTrend

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We've all been there before... You're looking at your favorite car website, but just run out of stuff to read. Then you wonder, which top website would be best? That's that I'm looking at in this comparison of 3 of the biggest online journalism websites, Car and Driver, Driving.com and MotorTrend.

Car and Driver

Car and Driver logo

Car and Driver logo

Now, Car and Driver is my personal favorite, I love their segments and everything, but I won't be bias. Car And Driver is an American car journalism website founded in 1955 as Sports Cars Illustrated and released their first issue the same year. They print in the United States, Germany, Switzerland, the UK and Spain. There is also a Spanish division but that company only uses the name and is not run by the same company. Car and Driver is said to be a website that "says it like it is". They also tackle controversial issues and politics, including electric and hydrogen cars. One of their most controversial steps was to favor minivans or even sedans over the newly crazed SUV's. They also have a sister newspaper called "Race & Track" which as you can tell, is for racing news and track cars.

Car And Driver has many segments. They have a very pronounced "front page" article, always at the top and changes daily. Below that, the latest news in the car industry, and below that, and then the most comprehensive research section that I've seen on a car website. Research is the place where you can select any type of vehicle (body or fuel) and find reviews and articles about the top cars in the segment. They even have some less popular options there for the adventurers. A picture of this feature will be below this paragraph. The difference between this research section compared to others, is that it goes by body style or electric/ hybrid. Others would go by car brand, making this a great first stop down the research highway. After the great research section, comes car reviews. Naturally, all of the fresh and new cars will be there but since the COVID-19 pandemic, where journalist cars have disappeared, they started putting archives. For example, there are articles of the new Golf Hybrid but they recently put up an archived article comparing the 1962 and 1982 Chevy Corvettes. And they even put a new article (made in 2020) about the Ferrari 250 GTO! And below, some older articles. I love this layout. It is useful, and they have my type of content. They also have a great feature on car reviews; a section for the pros, cons, verdict, rating and such. The only other website with that feature right at the top and easy to find is Driving.ca.

Car And Driver provides a sort of modern blend with a practical and beautiful layout of articles. The Research section is the best place to find the car you're looking for or just want to know more about. And for this reason, I would rank Car And Driver the best car journalism website in this list.


Driving.ca is a sister newspaper for National Post, and all of the newspapers that are owned by Postmedia. They have a huge variety of segments (will be in detail below) that is sure to draw in any petrol- head! In my opinion, Driving.com looks a bit older than Car And Driver, but that does not mean that it does not have great content. First they have their "front page" article, not as showy as Car And Driver but still looks different. After that, they have a couple of articles with the status of "worth mentioning". Then, they have some videos from their YouTube channel (it's awesome, go check it out). Then, comes vehicle research (by car brand) and then a segment of the best cars in the industry, called "Best of the Best". After that, comes Safety and Maintenance, naturally at the bottom.

They have many segments that are truly quality. One of the best in my opinion, is Lorraine Complains/ explains. This is a feature where Lorraine Sommerfeld explains something in the car industry or on the road or complains about it. And another is your corner wrench, which is kind of like the garage shop, where they help you save money or DIY repairs on your vehicle.

Because of all of these features and the layout, I would also recommend this as one of the best!

MotorTrend logo

MotorTrend logo


MotorTrend is the classic car magazine here in America. It has the basic but good logo that is recognizable to some degree. First, they have their front page article at the top (for featured in this case), and beside it, they have a window where you can search up any car and find reviews, rating, specs and more about it. This is very similar to what Driving.com had, where you can find a brand and then select the car. Then, they have videos from their YouTube channel (awesome again...) and then some more articles. They also have many shows in the watch section that provide something for everyone. They include "Roadkill, Roadkill Garage, Dirt Every day, Hot Rod Garage, Adam Corolla Goes Racing, Engine Masters, Best Driver's car Week, Long Road to Monterey, Put Up or Shut Up, Head 2 Head, Diesel Power Challenge, and Ultimate Adventure Week. This is great. MotorTrend is a great newspaper but they have adapted for 21 century, where video consumption definitely is more popular than newspaper. MotorTrend's web layout definitely does not look as good as Car And Driver (the most modern in my opinion) and similar to Driving.ca. MotorTrend is likely the most popular out of all of these, meaning that it probably has the best content.


In my opinion, Car And Driver is the best out of all of these. I like the content more than the others but I have to say, from a non- favored content stance, MotorTrend is the best. They have a lot of variety in the content that they have. And everyone can definitely find content that will fit them there. You can visit them all here: Car And Driver, Driving.ca and MotorTrend.

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