Opinions on this gaming computer for $385

    I know a good amount abut PC's but I am no expert so please give me your honest opinions about this PC.

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    VERY POWERFUL GAMING or VIDEO EDITING(with muiti Video editing programs pre-installed) PC that can play pretty much any game at high to max graphic settings with no problems and very high Frame rate. Also powerful enough to do VR(Virtual Reality) gaming as well. Asus A97 LE R 2.0 crossfire capable(can run dual VGA) mother Board with FX AMD 8350 8 core processor 4.0 GHZ. Wingate 1TB super high RPM speed HD. 16 gigs of ram(was 32GBs but my PC guy took out 8gb cards and for some reason cant find them now, smh.) Gigibyte Windforce GTX 970 4GB Graphics Card. Fury Hyper X and VIPER Ram Chips. HT OMMEGA High dif sound card (not cheap) Pioneer 16 x Blue Ray, DVD, and CD Burner. Was fastest Blue ray burner on the Market when I built this PC. Apevia ATK 680 watt Switching power supply that's all clear and changes colors to how you set it to. Touch screen fan control with top of the line multi LED silent cool fans. Yes it has a liquid cooler as well on the processer. Mini LCD screen display is inside of computer that can display different picture then main monitor or monitors Gaming card can run multi screens at once. Ostrog Enermax tower. Also comes with Logitech G302 lighted gaming mouse. Also has wireless mouse that will come with. Comes withG510 Logitech Key board that yes lights up as well (can also change to any color you like)with its on display screen on the key board that displays News, events, sports scores, PC Info or what ever you tell it to.(see most in pics) and many MR gaming presets keys. This is a gamers Key board or multi media person. Comes with 26" Vizio HD tv and monitor with remote with Reg size Monitor as well. Also comes with light up mouse solid mouse pad with extra USB ports and large screen calculator(lights up blue as well to match system) with touch sensitive buttons all in the mouse pad yes. Kings win IQ multi USB port with smart fast charger for any USB devices that require charging. Also if I can find where I put I just bought a new set of surround sound computer speakers with power supply that all light up to match the pc. Pretty much everything lights up an even have Gaming LG 5.1 surround sound system that also lights up blue to match rest. Windows 10 professional 64bit. 385 obo. Txt anytime. With X-Mas coming soon you will not find a better deal on very high power gaming system

    For only $385 this is very affordable and in my price range

    This PC has about double the specs my current desktop has but what concerns me is how cheap it is. So please tell me your honest opinions on this PC.

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    • Hey there, it's the amateur programmer again! I wouldn't do it mate, the description is poorly written, the pictures look really sketchy and the price is too good to be true for a machine of that specification - there are poorly covered lies throughout as well, this I can almost gurantee is a scam, or at least a front for one etc.

        3 days ago
      • Ok that’s what I was thinking. Thanks m8!

          3 days ago
      • Something like that is worth. like 800 bucks today. The motherboard doesn't look like something built for this spec. The motherboard looks like it is from a cheap Dell pre built. And that ain't necessarily a good thing to start off with.

          3 days ago
    • They are lying about being able to play any game on max graphics. My PC has better specs than that, but can only play a few games with max graphics.

        3 days ago
      • They are probably playing low quality cheap $10 steam games and not flight sims

          3 days ago
      • Probably. Just know that you wont be able to play things like flight sims or beamng.drive on max graphics. I cant even do that with mine. You would need a better graphics card.

          3 days ago
    • it certainly looks promising at that price for all those specs I would make sure to double check everything, but it looks like a really good deal. Especially this week and next as it is “black week” and theres a lot of tech deals. Like i got a pair of JBL nc headphones for $90. so def go for it

        3 days ago
    • I'd be cautious, could be a scam. $385 is very low. But if it isn't great!

        3 days ago
    • I don't know much about pcs but that can't be real. Their claims for that price just doesn't match.

        3 days ago


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