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OPN:The Government, cars and emissions: How all these things should be connected

Governments have been trying to get their countries to reduce emissions for decades, but what have they overlooked?

14w ago

You've heard the lot from the government... Gas cars bad, electric cars are the future, look at how modern we are by banning them in the future! Well, I think there is a better solution, that will make sure people will still be able to afford quality cars in the future, and for car enthusiasts to have their freedom of getting a gas car.


You know government subsidies right? You know, those pesky things that raise your taxes. Well, with the modern progressive shift, those are all too common. The most common one is the electric car subsidy of up to $7,500 in most countries. My solution is, that instead, those subsidies should be used to help low income and middle class families afford emissions system repairs on existing gas cars. Catalytic converters, pesky computers and all that these days means low emissions from most gas and diesel cars, but when those things break, don't think that they will be cheap to replace. That gave me the idea. What if the government helped subsidize the repairs on a percentage basis. That would really help lower emissions. A lot of people don't have a lot of money, and that means if the car works, it works, emissions are not a consideration. This would help tremendously.

To be fair, I know this would cost a lot of money. Before implementing, the government should do a cost analysis to make sure taxes don't go up, if we are talking about low income communities and helping them. As a fiscal conservative, I don't really like subsidies, but in the way of reducing emissions, I think this is better than the electric vehicle one.

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Comments (3)

  • Whatever the eventual automotive solution to fighting climate change, it must be the result of intelligent dialogue between the government, industry, and consumers. Bad things happen when the government arbitrarily dumps legislation on car design and bad things happen when the industry is left unregulated.

      3 months ago
    • Yes. Thank you for saying that. I felt that something like that was missing from the article. The government must not be the sole decision making body.

        3 months ago
    • If you want an example of what happens when the government is solely the ones making the decision look to the 3-wheeled microcars. The British government in mandating only 3 wheels killed the feasibility of the microcar in one fell swoop.

        3 months ago