I've done a little travelling, and through attending some local events and meets, both official and unofficial, I've seen some pretty awesome vehicles. While they may not be rare the world over, some of them are rarely seen in my neck of the woods.

Spotted rolling in to Cars and Coffee Brisbane, in Queensland Australia.

Whether they're clones, replicas or the genuine article, their shape, their form and styles from throughout the decades is near enough always a feast for the eyes.

The opportunities afforded to us by type, marque, period, modification or nationality specific events and meets, means that we have more choices than our forefathers could have imagined when it comes to enjoying a social environment. Meaning that while I can attend specific events tailored to old school American vehicles, or old school vehicles in general, I can also turn up to events catering to European vehicles, Japanese vehicles, or even events that welcome all vehicles.

Parked all by itself, a little walk from the main pack of cars at one of the monthly Yank Tanks meets, held in Coomera, Queensland, Australia.

Rolling into the local Cars and Coffee Brisbane monthly meet here in Queensland, Australia.

Whatever our tastes, here in Australia at least, we seem to be fortunate enough to have the variety to support us. I guess it can be taken for granted at times, with some of us forgetting just how lucky we really are to have such diverse motoring culture and society so readily accessible to us.

Through this tribe, I hope we can all share our experiences and images with anyone interested, in a respectful manner.