Orange suit: 2nd gen Cayenne GTS review

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My favourite colour is burgundy. I didn’t know it was but it is. I was driving with a friend of mine the other day, he's a photographer, and at some point he looked at me and asked, “What’s your favourite colour?”, “Dark blue” I said. No hesitation. No doubt. Why would I doubt it? You think you have at least a couple of certainties in your life, and your favourite colour is and must be one of them, and then one day it ain’t.

He looked at me. Looked at my socks, looked at my blazer, looked at my tie, looked at my messenger bag, looked at my smartphone cover even. And then he said, “It can’t be blue. You’re literally covered in burgundy.” I was. He wasn’t kidding.

We were going to a car show, then I got back home and thought about it. I opened my closet and, no surprise, I realized I own a lot of burgundy stuff. So there you go, I love burgundy.

If you stop for a second and think about colours, and I’ll understand if you’re nodding off at this point, you’ll realize that the tone can be far more important than shape, size and fit. And you think you choose your own colour but apparently you don’t, it chooses you.
This pointless introduction served only one purpose, and you're looking at it. It's the 2nd generation Cayenne GTS. In orange.



It's like a gentle giant that's angry about something. Sounds like it, too.

You know the Cayenne is fast, because it’s been around for a while, but this big orange cat is a lot quicker than you’d expect and, like cats, you can never predict what it’s gonna want to do next. One minute it is the most civilized car in the world and the next it just wants to bite you. It’s comfortable but it can be quick, and it goes like stink but it cuddles you. It feels like a gentle giant that's a little bit sleepy and vaguely annoyed about something. Sounds like it, too.

Porsche fundamentally invented the SUV as we know it with the Cayenne, luxurious and sporty, and the Cayenne has got a lot better in time. It began as a raw project, a blueprint if you like, now it’s a grown up car for those of us who refuse to grow up and it’s very nice to drive. And I don’t mean nice to drive ‘for an SUV’, I mean nice to drive, full stop.
This particular model you see in the picture has a 3.6 L twin-turbo V6 with 440 hp. The good news is that 0-60 is done in just over 5 seconds, the bad news is you can't actually buy it because there's no GTS for the third gen Cayenne.

However, what I really loved about this Cayenne was the colour. It just wanted me to drive it and it looks, at my least to my eyes and especially surrounded by those palms, amazing.

I don’t know why you love cars, I don’t know what keeps you happy with over 2 tons of metal and fuel, and in fairness I honestly couldn’t recommend buying this car in this colour, you should have it in moonlight blue (which I'm told can't be my favourite colour anymore) or perhaps "Purpurite".

If you like cars, for any reason, you know there are more sensible versions of the Cayenne available but you should be happy in the knowledge that if you win the lottery one day and want to buy a 440 hp orange SUV, you can. And that’s exactly the reason that made fall in love with the automotive world in the first place.

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