Orange Track Veteran: Playworn Tomica #F66 Lancia Stratos Turbo Alitalia Group 5

Sometimes beaters are better.

I found this well loved, but still fundamentally intact, Tomica No. F66 Lancia Stratos Turbo, in a Goodwill bag that yielded a few other gems. Not a lot of diecasters would have picked up something this beaten up, especially in a mixed, all or nothing thrift store bag, even though this casting & release were seldom seen outside of Asia until the rise of e-commerce diecast sales. But I have a passion for Italian cars and especially Bertone designs, and the tampos are iconic, pretty authentic, and still pretty legible even with all the chipping and rubbed-off paint. Some kid had a blast with this when it was still being played with, it doesn't look to have been played with much or at all in sandboxes or mud, and a lot of the damage indicates being raced on a Hot Wheels track set or homemade gravity track.

I have a few other playworn examples of valuable castings (most notably a Hot Wheels Speed Machines Bugatti Veyron with slightly less paint/tampo damage than this Lancia, that I paid 25 cents for at a thrift store that was holding a going out of business sale), they will be preserved for future generations of collectors since I see them as too significant to customize or restore.

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Comments (4)

  • "Sometimes beaters are better."


      1 month ago
  • A great find indeed!! Race battle scars (honed in a sand box). 👍👍

    FYI: I had a massive Matchbox collection and a sand box when I was a kid. Gave them all away about 12 years ago. Slowly gathering fresh castings. A love reborn and you are helping to drive the rekindle. LALD started it. You are driving it forward. THANKS!! 😁

      1 month ago