Oscar's Alfa is better than the original

And we've got the photos to prove it.

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What happens when you let a custom bike builder feast on a cosmetically beat down Alfa Romeo GT 1300 Junior? Well, if his name is Oscar Linde, you're in for a pretty sweet ride.

© Jorn Veerbeek/Niels' Garage

© Jorn Veerbeek/Niels' Garage

When he bought the car the previous owner had already fitted the GT Junior with a 2 litre block coming from a GTV, with the idea of taking the car to the track - output had been boosted to 165 horsepower, a more than fair amount for a 1.000 kg (2200 lbs) car. Add that to a stiffened chassis and improved braking and I'm sure you'll agree we're talking massively fun drivers' car.

© Jorn Veerbeek/Niels' Garage

© Jorn Veerbeek/Niels' Garage

The cosmetics of the car though, were not on par with its handling. So Oscar went to work, giving the car a fresh paint job, removing the bumpers (and shaving the bumper mounts for an even cleaner look). He also did a full leather upholstery job. My favorite upgrade though are those yellow front lights, adding even more to the vintage feel surrounding his GT Junior.

© Jorn Veerbeek/Niels' Garage

© Jorn Veerbeek/Niels' Garage

Visit my site for the complete photo shoot

A LOT more photos of Oscar's stunning Alfa are now online on my site nielsgarage.nl. I'd love for you guys to go check them out, as long as you promise to come back here afterwards. Click below and once you've seen them, please let me know what you think in the comment section on this page.


Photography: Niels' Garage contributor Jorn Veerbeek

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