Our 1300 Horsepower Toyota 86 Banned From The Drag Strip!

With great power comes the need for parachutes.

With World Time Attack Challenge done and dusted for 2018 we wanted to take a look back at what it took to get WTF86 ready for the Turbosmart Flying 500.

It comes as no secret that the StreetFX WTF86 is powerful. By this point it has seen its fair share of issues from drive lines to CVs and everything in between. However, with the help of GT Auto we were able to take it out to Queensland Raceway for a maiden voyage and shake down run.

With the Flying 500 being a no-prep track (no burnouts to lay rubber for traction) a rear wheel drive car can be near useless as all it will likely end up doing is smoking up the rears. We decided to perform the shakedown under similar conditions and access the MoTec to enable the traction control system. Not only would this give us more traction but it would also assist in keeping the car straight, the last thing you want is your race car in the wall.

Even though the drag strip was packed for bike night and many other contenders wanting to run their cars, we still managed to get four runs in. You can see the runs and results in the below video!

With the traction control on it was limited the wheel slip by pulling boost and timing out of the map. We estimate it reduced the output of the car as a whole by around 500 horsepower. Even still we managed to set some decent times and get a fair idea for the car and what needed work for the Flying 500 at the World Time Attack Challenge.

Those decent times we mentioned were enough to get a warning from officials and a ban from the drag strip until we fit a parachute!

We could ultimately shave at least a full second off our times by fitting suspension and tyres specifically designed for drag and in conjunction with those two, using the launch control feature. At the end of the day, this is still a street car and won't be getting a dedicated drag setup anytime soon.

To see more of the WTF86 build or check out our upcoming builds check out the StreetFX Garage page!

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