Our 5 Driver Predictions For The 2019 F1 Season

Dust Off You're F1 Hats, As We Take A Look At Our 5 Driver Predictions For The 2019 F1 Season

With the preseason testing for the new F1 2019 season just round the corner, and with so many new faces to the grid and returning old ones, we take a look at who we think could rise or crumble over the upcoming 21 races.

5. Lando Norris - Britain's "Brightest Talent"

With Lando Norris taking the leap from GP2 last season to a struggling Mclaren team, many have pinned there hopes on Norris being the future face of British motorsport once Hamilton departs from the grid.

However we feel that Lando Norris will in general struggle for the majority of the season being outclassed by his more experienced team mate, Carlos Sainz Jr. We feel that Lando may struggle to come to terms with keeping his Pirelli tyres in the optimum operating window during the race, something he seemed to struggle with last season whilst competing in GP2. Without a doubt Norris is an incredibly talented driver over one lap, we just feel that he may lack the consistency or have a fast enough car during the race to match Sainz over the course of the season or take the fight to the higher end of the midfield pack.

4. Nico Hülkenberg - Last Chance Saloon

Nico Hülkenberg has entered his third season with Renault and is still yet to come good on the promise and hype that surrounded him in the early years of his career which nearly landed him a drive with Ferrari in 2013.

Whilst Hülkenberg has been consistent through the last years, and consistently beat Carlos Sainz last year in the same car, he's still yet to deliver the results a factory team like Renault who are aiming for the top would expect. With pressure mounting from the Renault hierarchy to finally deliver the results and having the highly regarded Riccardo as his new team mate the pressure is definitely on to save his Renault career. We feel that Hülkenberg will finally begin to perform at level that Renault require him to do so, challenging Riccardo during the Saturday and Sunday, whilst not necessarily beating him, and closing the gap to the Red Bull team.

3. Kimi Räikkönen - The Ice Man To Stay Cool

Kimi Räikkönen has been a fan favorite for many years and certainly proved his worth flying the flag for Ferrari even in their darkest hours of last season, by getting pole position in front of the Tifosi and winning his first race in over five and a half years.

Unfortunate to find himself on the wrong end of a swap deal with the marvelous Leclerc, which found Räikkönen at the newly named Alfa Romeo team for the 2019 F1 season. We feel Kimi Räikkönen will continue on his stellar form from last season propelling Alfa even further up the grid, and providing priceless information and knowledge in regards to devolving the car further. We've seen a few people around the internet suggesting that Kimi Räikkönen may indeed get a podium during the 2019 season. However we feel Kimi will defiantly be pushing the Alfa into consistent good points paying positions, which is complete polar opposite from the Sauber team of two seasons ago.

2. Daniil Kvyat - Third Time Lucky?

Not even the bravest of punters would have put a bet on Daniil Kvyat returning to the Red Bull program and signing up for a third stint in the Torro Rosso.

With undoubted talent and raw pace it's been a shame to see the mental block that has seemed to of formed in Daniill's head since being demoted from Red Bull back in 2016 and then being kicked out of the Red Bull program altogether in 2017, but will this been third time lucky for Russian. We feel that Daniil Kvyat will have the bit between his teeth in the early part of the season outclassing his new team mate Alexander Albon, who also faced a similar fate being dropped from the Red Bull program and brought back years later. But, we feel during the latter parts of the season Daniil Kvyat's mental block will return, whilst Torro Rosso also incur a multitude of engine penalties in a bid to aid Red Bull Honda's development, all in all tainting Daniil Kvyat's return to Torro Rosso.

1. Charles Leclerc - The Dark Horse

Last season Charles Leclerc came of age, consistently out performing what seemed like an inferior Sauber on both the Saturday and the Sunday.

He also showed he had maturity way above his age, being able to fight and defend fairly against even the toughest of competitors, such as Fernando Alonso at Canda 2018. As previously mentioned Leclerc took the jump from Sauber to Ferrari swapping places with Kimi Räikkönen, proving that Ferrari clearly think that he will be the real deal and potentially a future world champion? We feel that Leclerc will be a dark horse in this years title race potentially winning a number of races for Ferrari swinging the constructors championship in Ferrari's favor, we also feel on the Saturday he may be Hamilton's closest rival over one lap, as Leclerc last season boasted fantastic pace during the Saturday.

So those are our driver predictions for the upcoming 2019 F1 Season, only time will tell if we have mystical powers which can predict the future or we clearly don't have a grasp on the sport.

Let us know down below who your one to watch is for the 2019 season, and what you thought of our predictions?

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  • I have really high hopes for Leclerc. I don't think that Kimi came out on the wrong end of that swap. I think it was a thoroughly planned move for him and for the team. He's definitely on his way out of the driver's seat, and I can see them moving him over to AR for a couple of years as a driver before he swaps that race suit for an Alfa Romeo polo. I feel like he would have failed to shine at Ferrari this year.

      2 years ago