Our first official week at MLM!

Welcome to MLM and drive Tribe if you have joined this week!

Hi all, as we are halfway through our first official week as an 'open' digital platform (yep yep high fives all round), I thought I'd write to you all to say welcome and thank you for joining this tribe and all the other ones on drivetribe! Isn't it quite the playbox! I have abandoned pretty much most other social media outlets as there is so much to discover and read on this one. How would you describe it ? Is it like tripadvisor for motoring enthusiasts? Or does it combine the 'beautiful approach' of instagram with the banter from twitter and the in-depth articles of Facebook? Is it your dream on-line motoring magazine? All we are missing is a tumbler angle I guess but as according to my teenagers, I don't really understand tumbler, I'm not sure why I am even mentioning it and shall leave it alone! Anyway, I would be curious to hear what you make of it. It really is unlike anything else out there which is quite an achievement from the team behind it.

My next blog post which will be part 2 of 'The Future of Engineering in Schools' will be up this Friday but in the meantime I thought I'd upload a few recent snapshots. Hope you like and please don't forget to 'bump' and 'share' (sure there is a song in there somewhere... possibly not a great one ;-)!)

PS: And don't forget, the tribe is set as 'open' which means you can upload your own material on topic into the group and it will be published :-)

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