Our first Photoshoot

We tried to capture beauty using a camera, but she's the one that captured us...

4y ago

We both have Subarus that we deeply love and cellphones filled with pictures of those loved ones... and with all the professional-looking car pictures we are seeing on the Internet, we could not resist to try our hand at doing a proper photoshoot of our Subies, not using a cellphone of course. We had a proper camera, cars and we had some interesting spots in mind where we could immortalize the beauty. Nothing was missing on our list of things needed to do a nice car photoshoot, just like the ones we see online. In our photoshoot, we focused on my car, a 1999 Forester with over 400000 km... If you are curious about it, we'll definitely talk more about our cars in the near future so stay with us.

A soon to be 18 years old car, riding on Quebec's roads filled with salt in the winter might not represent the ideal subject for a photoshoot in everyone's opinion... but when it comes to things we love, especially cars, only what we think matters and nothing else! We all have one life to live and we might as well live it to its fullest and do what we love and stop worrying about what others have to say about it. Because in the end, it's our life... and our money!

Now enough talking, let's see some pictures.

“Colour is everything, black and white is more”

Dominic Rouse

“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still”

Dorothea Lange

And below is my favorite one!

Here we see the artist at work... And it's the only one taken with a cellphone... ;)

All those incredibly nice photos were taken by Kourosh Moini, second leader of the tribe We are broke and <3 cars

Thank you very much for reading us! It means a lot! :D

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