Our Project Car Gets A Brake Job & You Get An In Depth Tutorial On How To Do It

The Volvo V70R Gets New Pads And Rotors And You Get To See How It's Done

3y ago

When we got to do our first drive on our project car, the 2004 Volvo V70R, a wagon that we hope would one day become an E46 BMW M3 killer, we found the brakes to be completely lacking. So for our first fix we decided to completely replace the aged brakes and rotors and do a proper brake fluid flush.

To help us out on this endeavor FCP Euro has provided us with a complete OE brake kit from their website. It's the S60RBK1 Brembo kit that comes complete with all the rotors and pads needed to do one complete brake job on all four corners.

Once we got the kit, we headed to the garage and tore apart the old parts and installed the fresh meaty pads and rotors on the V70R. The best part is we documented the whole thing and gave you a step by step instruction so you can do it too. Come check it out!

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