Our sort of black friday

In the world of four-cylinder diesels, of which Northern Ireland roads are overrun with, some American V8 muscle is definitely king.

4y ago

Its a curiosity and a head turner. Small boys stop on their bikes and give you the thumbs up and old people bump into each other at the thunderous v8 firing past. And the driver, that would be me, grins until it hurts.

I was tasked with best man duties for a good friend, who unsurprisingly, loves cars. He has a soft spot for American muscle, so what sort of best man would I be, if I didn’t lean on my motoring contacts to bring something interesting to his big day. A few calls later and I had got hold of this fine machine. A 2011 Chevy Camaro SS. The car actually belongs to another good friend who had recently returned from living in California and had the wherewithall to bring his ‘daily driver’ back home.

The Camaro has ultimate road presence. When I first laid eyes on it, I couldn’t get over the dramatic flared arches and the sheer width. In contrast to it’s bulging sides, the front bumper is mostly a black void with mesh and lights, ready to consume all in its path. The back end is tame in comparison, with understated optional tinted rear light clusters. The black coachwork is tastefully complimented by the inferno orange stripes on the bonnet and boot, as part of the factory options on this SS special edition.

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