O​ur trip to Porsche Austin

T​his might or might not have involved my dad getting a new car

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W​ell yesterday was a big day! I’m going to show you everything that went down at the Porsche dealership and how the heck we ended up with a brand new car.

I​mmediately after we arrived we saw this beautiful Porsche 911 GT3. That was only the first of cars we saw when we arrived.

R​ight after we walked in we were greeted by these guys. Porsche displayed their SUVs and Taycans mostly on the bottom floor of the dealer and keep the nicer ones up above.

W​e then walked upstairs and just wanted to look around. After we saw all we could see we made our way back downstairs and asked for a sales person.

T​he sales person, a very nice man, then took us upstairs to look at the pre-owned models. We were specifically looking for SUVs and found this 2017 Cayenne as pictured above. We weren’t to fond of the color to begin with and not to fond when we saw it in person.

E​ven though we weren’t big fans of the color, we still test drove it to get a feel of the car. As you can see the interior is nice and has a pretty large touchscreen. The AC is amazing and the seats are also very comfortable. My dad said it‘s nice but you really don’t feel much power. Plus the interior and exterior were bad colors so we crossed this one off our list.

After we took a lap around the place we drove back to see the other cars. Above you can see some other pre-owned Mercedes, but we weren’t there to drive Benz’s. We wer thinking about maybe driving a Macan next but chose to not and to try a Cayenne Diesel next.

I​ didn’t take a picture of us driving the Cayenne Diesel but I do have one below. My dad liked it more becuse well it’s a diesel Porsche and because the color was much better with a silver outside and black inside.

M​y dad was so happy with the car that he bought it!

A​bove is a bunch of cars and stuff we saw while waiting for all the paperwork. There were tons of cars, Porsche accessories and just looking at the dealership was cool! There was also a snack bar which was loaded with food.

A​fter my dad finished the paperwork, we were good to go!

W​e saw a couple more supercars on the way out.

B​efore we left with the new car we had to trade in the Mercedes E 350. It was a great car but the Cayenne is better! After we unloaded it we were good to go!

W​e finally pulled away and then went to Chipotle. Below this a picture of my dad’s new car the Porsche Cayenne Diesel.

T​hank you for reading and comment down below your favorite part of the story.

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