Our very second car event

Once is nice, twice is better

4y ago

After attending our first car event ever, we were hooked. The first one took place in Napierville, on the south shore of Montreal while this one was on the north shore. If you followed our last post you'll remember the beautiful Rx-7 we saw as well as the cute Miata with the S2 Racing Front end conversion. (If not, go check them out)

When it comes to tracks and car events, in Quebec, you have many options and St-Eustache's autodrome is among the best. Diverse activities, such as Drift, Lapping and Drag races take place there and well honestly, there isn't a better spot to host such a big car meet! Napierville, the first track to which we ever went was really nice, it had a dragstrip as well as a drift area for practice.

As you can see in the picture above, there were so many people there... it was crazy!!! The big cloud of smoke you see in the air comes from the drag strip...

Here we show you some muscles we witnessed on the dragstrip during the night... Enjoy!!

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Thank you very much for reading and following us in our journey into the car world.!! It means a lot to us!! :D

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