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Out of the two, which MacBook should I buy?
  • 2020 MacBook Pro 13"
  • 2020 MacBook Pro 16"
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  • option 3: get a Windows

      18 days ago
  • Or an iPad?

      18 days ago
    • Hmmm. Some things I can’t do on that I’m afraid and my current MacBook is beginning to fail me

        18 days ago
  • The Microsoft surface

      18 days ago
  • 13 inch is all you need for a MacBook really

      18 days ago
    • I’ve got one and it works really well

        18 days ago
    • Yeah, as an amateur programmer and computer nerd, it’s all you need, personally I use a Surface Book 2, Microsoft’s version of the MacBook Pro, because I’m a Windows person.

        18 days ago
  • None, get a surface, or a ThinkPad, or anything made by Razer

      18 days ago


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