Outrageous Aero and BTCC Drivetrain - The Renault Clio SuperTourisme

The Wiebe-Motorsport Renault Clio has evolved into one of the fastest Berg-Cup Monsters

The crazy looking Renault Clio SuperTourisme of Wiebe-Motorsport continued its evolution on 2019, now fully setup for Hillclimb Racing and sporting some changes to its outrageous Aerodynamic package. Mechanically this little Monster uses the drivetrain of a Renault Laguna BTCC unit, powered by a 2.0L Naturally Aspirated F7R Engine capable of 330Hp/9.000Rpm and moving only 880Kg of total weight.

It is quite the unique machine, having been built, owned and raced by Serbian Circuit racer Zoran Kastratovic before being bought by Wiebe-Motorsport and starting its journey to become one of the fastest E1-2000 Class machines in the sport. During the 2019 Season it went on to fight for victory on its Class pretty much on every race it entered, both with André and Bjron Wiebe behind the wheel, and on the footage shown ( Wolsfeld, Osnabruck and St. Agatha) it even managed to feature among the Top 10 Fastest Touring Cars overall. Definitely one of the fastest FWD machines in the Sport and a proper fan favourite due to its combination of speed and wild aesthetics...

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Comments (1)

  • These one off hill climb beasts really are works of art. When they use maxxed N/A motors like this Clio they’re that bit more special too.

      9 months ago