Outspoken Elon Musk & My CYBERTRUCK Order

W​hy Elon Musk's crusade for civil liberties tipped the scale in favor of the CYBERTRUCK

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With a career in technology I’ve always loved to learn about new emerging advancements in computers, cars, basically everything. Hell a home-kit enabled coffee maker perks my interest. (No pun intended.) If you look at the advancements of cellphones over the course of the years it is mind-blowing. My first cellphone in 1994 was the “Zack Morris” phone and now what we all walk around with in our pockets is pure magic. Why hasn’t other industries evolved with such fervor?

My first introduction to an electric car was the GM EV1, which looked straight out of Back to the Future II. A great experiment that if you watched the compelling documentary “Who Killed the Electric Car?”, was killed under very unscrupulous circumstances. Despite being a gear-head how could you not love the potential it had. As someone who loves technology how could you not love the advancements the future would bring?

Enter Elon Musk and the Tesla we know today. As an entrepreneur you can’t help but admire someone who put his entire fortune on the line to see his vision become a reality. A guy willing to sleep in his office and be on the factory floor with his team members to see things through. Those who haven’t started their own business can not fathom why we as entrepreneurs are willing to work 17 hours or more every day and risk it all for what we create. The media will portray entrepreneurs especially someone as high profile as an Elon Musk as some sort of robber-baron of the 1920’s taught in history classes. It’s not just the guy at the top, it is the team members who subscribe to the vision, that put their time, blood, sweat and tears to make the product/service a success. However reading news articles and hearing the talking heads of the day you would think Elon Musk was some sort of slave-driver swimming in his Scrooge McDuck vault.

Doctors from around the country have stated that the lockdown is looking to be more dangerous than the threat of COVID-19. Today in the NY Post there was an article siting the CDC’s findings that COVID-19 doesn’t spread as easily as thought. Yet government officials with all this new power are dictating how people can live and earn a living. Elon Musk was the canary in the coal mine being outspoken putting into question these new draconian measures.

If Tesla can’t operate, how can his team members earn a living and provide for their families. How can any American or business survive if no one can work? They can’t and tragically we’re seeing rises in businesses going out, people unable to pay their bills and a rise in domestic violence. At the beginning of this virus our elderly Americans and those with compromised immune systems were identified as high risk. Yet in March, Governor Cuomo signed an executive order to force nursing homes and assisted living facilities in New York to accept COVID-19 patients under a fear that hospitals wouldn’t be able to cope. Something that never happened.

Elon Musk was very outspoken on twitter and on the Joe Rogan podcast. Bluntly stating that those who are high-risk should have been protected while the healthy could still work while taking the necessary precautions. Even still, media talking heads and some politicians in California outspokenly (and using colorful language), lambasted Elon Musk.


Elon Must an immigrant that chose to come to the United States because of how free we are. Freedom we take for granted, freedom that some do not realize is not bestowed upon us by the government. The Constitution, the Bill of Rights firmly states that the government can not infringe on these rights. Rights that we have automatically as citizens of this great nation, that so many risk their lives to come here to obtain.

Now while I admire the man, I was never a fan of his cars. I thought they were plain looking and overpriced. They were very cool from a technology standpoint, just not for me. Then the CYBERTRUCK was released and I was a bit bewildered. Their unveiling livestream was running late and being on the east coast I was half a sleep. In and out of consciousness I was expecting to see RoboCop exit the CYBERTRUCK. After a few weeks of looking it over, I grew to love it. It looks like nothing on the market and doesn’t cost $100K. Hmm, I wondered…is this the Tesla for me.

Then quite frankly I forgot about it. Focusing on my startup and working with my co-founder at a ridiculous pace. The only things I thought about was our startup and trying to remember to eat and sleep. Then the media storm around Elon Musk happened these past few weeks. I love this libertarian streak we’ve seen from Elon Musk and the media attention he has received made me revisit the CYBERTRUCK.

We need more of those in power and influence to embrace civil liberties, the freedoms we take for granted and operate in the middle of the left/right paradigm forced upon us. We’re all in this together and must shun these talking heads who wish to instill fear to divide us. As if the CYBERTRUCK wasn’t cool enough the outspoken man with the vision has made it so much cooler by a factor of ten.

It is because of this I ordered a CYBERTRUCK and convinced my father and one of my friends to order one as well. I was not a Tesla fanboy previously but now I will forever be a CYBERTRUCK ambassador and will tell everyone I know to order one. So much so that my plan is to put a Curtiss P-40 Warhawk livery on mine when I receive it.

I want to thank Elon Musk for his vision for the future. Having the passion to see it through and for being so outspoken for the freedom of all Americans. Be well, think for yourselves and live free.

N​ow tell me a CYBERTRUCK with this livery wouldn't be awesome?

N​ow tell me a CYBERTRUCK with this livery wouldn't be awesome?

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  • The ugliest thing on 4 wheels. A drunk toddler must have wandered into the design studio!

      15 days ago
  • The cybertruck is cool, I’m glad they made something unique. And I’d love to see one in that livery

      15 days ago