Over 600Hp moving the meanest looking Mitsubishi Eclipse in HillClimb Racing

Garrett Mealing is the owner, builder and driver of this incredible looking Eagle Talon/Mitsubishi Eclipse. Sporting a bespoke Bodykit designed for Time Attack Racing by Aero Guru Andrew Brilliant, this AWD, 4G63 Turbo powered now 600+Hp Monster had the competitive debut in 2018 and has since been evolved to compete again on Knox Mountain HillClimb on Kelowna, Canada. Here you can see how the this crazy looking machine did:

Although some mechanical problems persisted throughout the event, and Mr. Mealing is still exploring the potential of this unique Monster, the duo ended up clocking a 1:55.505, good enough to win GT-M Class (the main goal). With still quite a long way to evolve further, expect to see this Monster shed some weight in the future ( 1275Kg in current spec) along with more Testing/Track Time, ensuring this Andrew Brilliant-designed Time Attack/HillClimb weapon will surely become much faster.

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