Over 600Hp of Turbocharged Boxer power up Pikes Peak

Richard Boake from Canada entered Pikes Peak Hill Climb on 2016 with his Time Attack-spec Subaru Impreza. Usually raced at Time Attack events on both North American countries, this was the first time this Monster was used on an Hill climb Racing venue.

With over 600Hp and some impressive aerodynamic solutions it would went on to impress although suffering some problems on Race Day. More than the final time posted which was indicative of some issues suffered on its way up the mountain, it ws the results posted during testing and qualification that showed how capable this machine is. Probably able to break the 10 minute barrier, it will take another try to fully realize this Monster´s potential.

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  • Those guys are from my neck of the woods. Nice to see a story about them on here. 🏁🇨🇦

    1 year ago


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