Over 700Hp of Turbocharged Honda K24 Power in this monstruous Lotus exige

Dawie Joubert´s beastly Lotus is even faster in its 2018 version

Dawie Joubert placed 3rd Fastest on the last Knynsa Speed Festival´s Simola Hillclimb at the wheel of his brutal spaceframed Lotus Exige powered by a turbocharged Honda K24 Engine. In the end, only some engine problems prevented this 700+Hp (power value is variable depending on boost setting used) Monster from winning the Modified Saloon Class outright. Aided by its very low weight of little over 800Kg, this is a tremendously fast machine that will be fighting next for Top Honours again and for the All Time Record in its class.


For those with better memory, they´ll remember this is not the first time this Lotus Monster appears on out Tribe as its participation of the 2017 edition of Knysna Speed Festival was also featured. You an check it out right here and see for yourself in what ways this Lotus has changed:


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