4y ago

Over here in New Zealand, you can drive around for months without seeing another Fiesta ST. So when I spotted a mirror image of mine in my normal carpark, I couldn't resist parking next to it. Mine's the one on the left. Or was it the right? No, definitely the left.

Easily the most fun car I've ever owned. Love it.

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  • Is it ok as an everyday car though? Think about buying one as my only car.

      4 years ago
    • I use mine as an everyday driver and it's just great. The ride is obviously firm (that's no surprise) but it's well damped and very well screwed together so even after 3 years there's no harsh rattles or anything.

      Enough space to seat 4...

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        4 years ago
    • Thanks :) One more - is it reliable? I've heard some horrible stories about fords in the past.

        4 years ago