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A fully restored Malaguti Fifty Full CX that brings me back to the 90s

1y ago

I was born in 1984, the golden years for two-strokes little sportbikes. The "entry-level" for many young kids was this tipe of moped that was the link beetween scooter and motorbikes.

I remember hundreds of people going around on these small two-wheelers, often customized with hi-performance exhausts and modified engines. Almost every group of friends had at least one of them among the rides and they were easy recognizable thanks to the hi-note of their mufflers.

One of those kids - now a grown man - brought us this Malaguti Fifty Full CX to have it compeltely restored to go back to the day he came out of the assembly line.

Everything has been dismantled and the old parts have been replaced, re-painted and fixed up.

The cool things about this model is that after some researches the owner has found his very Fifty Full CX, the same he was using when he was young. It was his first motorbike!

All the replacements are original and come from enthusiasts and clubs.

This kind of two-wheelers are no longer on the market and they haven't been replaced: i'm trying to imagine how weird they look for someone born after 2000.

Stay tuned for more unusual works!

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  • The world famous pedal and pop 👌🏻

      1 year ago