Overfinch will turn your classic Land Rover Defender into a unique restomod

The famed UK-based company is set to create 12 "remastered" Defenders that are bound for US soil.

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It may be best-known for modifying the latest and greatest Range Rover models, but UK-based tuning company Overfinch has turned its hand to the growing restomod business, and the first candidate the company has its eyes set on is the original Land Rover Defender.

A vehicle surrounded by renewed interest after the launch of the new 'second-generation' model ā€“ if you can really call it that ā€“ the company has its sights set on the US market with the limited run of 12 cars it's set to "remaster".

Using carefully selected Defender examples that are over 25 years old, the company plans to fit them with modern crate engines and transmissions, and will offer each completed car with a 12 month warranty on the work that's been done.

Although the models will all feature Overfinch's signature styling touches, customers can commission all sorts of bespoke options, including a modern Land Rover dashboard, different seats with a range of upholstery options, and more.

While the first 12 remastered Defenders are set to be completed using an array of 90 and 110 models chosen by the company, it has noted that customers can bring their own vehicles forward to be upgraded if they meet the standards required for the intensive modification process it will go through.

Speaking with CarBuzz, Alex Sloane, Vice President of Overfinch North America, notes that the new Overfinch Heritage program addresses a growing demand, particularly Stateside, for classic vehicles reworked to better meet modern standards.

"Overfinch Heritage will address a major opportunity to satisfy the demand for restomod Land Rover vehicles in North America," said Sloane.

"Remastering allows us to create enhancements and proprietary Overfinch upgrades that simply wouldn't have featured in the classic production car. We intend for our customers to create something truly personal while guiding them to retain the classically British character of the original vehicle."

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Comments (13)

  • Iā€™d rather ICON built it.

      10 days ago
  • Overfinch....is a bit Cheshire, if you don't mind me saying.

      10 days ago
  • I like it, but I'd like to do the work myself, but I love what they did, it's much better than modern land rovers

      10 days ago
    • I agree, especially with Land Rovers because they are quite simple and there are a lot of parts

        10 days ago
  • the original land rovers look better looking when they are covered in mud and roughened up, they make them look hardy, the overfinch ones are good to look at in london, but were the land rovers made to sit in london? Well mainly not because they were engineered for off road. The overfinch landrover is a bit like the little puppies some ladies keep in their handbags. If you want luxury and offroad capabilities just get a range rover.

      7 days ago
  • not gonna lie, I am not a fan of restomods. why buy an old car if you want a modern car...

      8 days ago
    • Because a 6.2 V8 Defender is way cooler than blingy touchscreen snobbish SUVs of today. I'd take any proper restomod over its modern equivalent.

        8 days ago
    • true, but i would still rather have an original one

        7 days ago