Overly slow drivers will not be tolerated in tomorrow's qualifying

The organizers of the Italian Grand Prix took this decision to avoid situations like the one that occurred last year

2w ago


During qualifying for the 2019 Italian Grand Prix, it happened that many drivers slowly traveled the track to avoid letting their rivals take advantage of the slipstream. This episode was not particularly appreciated by the race organizers and this year some measures have been taken.

It was in fact decided that the drivers will not be able to travel the circuit below a certain speed in order not to create dangerous queues. Those who do not respect this provision will be punished by the sports commission with various penalties.

On the Monza circuit it is particularly easy to use the slipstream to increase your speed, and this frightens the drivers to stay in an overrun position as it would facilitate their opponents during qualifying. It is hoped that with the new regulation, unpleasant situations like last year's will be avoided.

Thanks to Valentina Zanola and Alessandro Renesis for the cooperation


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