Overrated Is An Overrated Term

It's time we retire this term and start respecting these cars for what they are

3w ago

Every day there are at least ten different posts on cars that the writer considers "overrated" obviously these are opinions, which opinions are fine but that doesn't justify calling it overrated. Just because you don't like a car doesn't make it overrated, most cars that you hear being called overrated have made a mark on the industry in one way or another, so lets get into why we shouldn't just label every car we don't like overrated.1

The "Fanboy" dilemma

Most cars that are considered to be "overrated" have been hyped up beyond they're capabilities by what we call "Fanboys" these are generally 10 to 15 year old kids who find a certain car they like and continue to hype it up every time someone asks about it. This creates a lot of undeserved hate towards the vehicle in question, which generally is fantastic. Just look at the Mk.4 Supra for example, a car that back in the day could hang with the likes of Ferrari and Porsche. The 2JZ inline 6 was "rated" at 320hp which was only 55hp less than the Ferrari F355, though Japanese manufacturers tended to underrate they're actual horsepower figures due to a gentleman's agreement between them. The Supra was literally a super car for a 1/4 of the price! But today people tend to compare it to more modern cars and that's not really fair for a car built in the 90's. Look I get the fanboys are annoying but we have to actually look at the facts before jumping to conclusions here.

Not every car that gets attention is overrated

Every day there is another car being ripped apart by people who more than likely don't know anything about it's credentials or the era in which it was built. Take for example the McLaren F1, a car that was an entire decade ahead of the competition of it's time. A top speed of 231mph in 1993! That record wouldn't be beat until 2005 by the Bugatti Veyron, yet some people see the attention the F1 gets and decides to write an angry little piece saying "Obviously it's overrated" and "A Lamborghini Huracan would beat it" and blah, blah, blah stating zero facts and failing to mention it's importance in history.

Another car I saw get ripped apart in a poll the other day was the Lancia Delta HF Intagrale, we are talking about one of the most successful rally cars of all time, and possibly the worlds first super hot hatch. The Delta won an insane 6 CONSECUTIVE CONSTRUCTORS CHAMPIONSHIPS!!! and another four drivers titles in the World Rally Championship. There is no way on planet earth this car is overrated, yet people still bash it to make themselves look smart.

Know your history

My final point is that if you are going to spread word of a car being overrated, know it's history, what time it was released and just basic facts about it. Overrated has become more of a factual word rather than opinionated these days, so lets get the facts right and use the word less. These cars we keep bashing have left they're mark on the industry whether we like them or not.

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Comments (85)

  • For once, I can actually agree 100% without a single “but.” Brilliant. “Overrated” cars are generally overrated for good reason anyway. No overrated car is ever actually a bad car.

    BUT… Fuck you. 😂

      23 days ago
  • Spot on! Kids tend to imitate Clarkson. Any car that has a crowd around it (fans or just huge market share) can't be called overrated. For instance, I really dislike current Audi RS range for being just to overdesigned. But what right could I have to say a 500PS V8 german wagon is overrated? I've never driven one - I may dislike it, but not disrespect it.

      23 days ago
    • Perfect explanation, I feel the same about modern supercars, not my thing but they are engineering marvels!

        23 days ago
  • I agree, however, some of the cars stated get so hyped up that the appeal is lost. I used to like the Ferrari F40 quite a bit. But when people praise it as the best car of all time very, very often you start to question if the car is any good. This translates over to other cars too of course.

      23 days ago
    • I know exactly what you are saying, but it doesn't make it overrated or a bad car it's the fans not the cars is what I'm saying. The F40 was innovative, brilliant and beautiful but it gets hated on now for being well... loved.

        23 days ago
    • True, but people loving the car doesn’t make the car any better than it really is. It’s silly to dislike a car for people liking it, I think we can agree on that

        23 days ago
  • Overrated post

      22 days ago
  • Very valid points.... those fanboys might understand what they have said but losing its context. Opinion matters as long as you also able to hear others. If someone bought one of the overrated cars, I don't see why anyone need to justify the car. The owner has its own reason. Period. Every car has its beauties in the eye of their owner

      22 days ago