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Owning a Hot Wheels RLC car

A really nice car but the price is really really steep

14w ago

Warning: There is some what of a rant in it, reader discretion is advised.

Now that the warning is out of the way, a few months ago I made a decision which has come back to bite me in the a$$ badly. That decision was the purchase of the Hot Wheels Datsun 240Z RLC. But despite the backlash from my parents I still absolutely love this car and if you want to skip to the part where I just show off the "Quirks and Features" of the Datsun I suggest you scroll down until you see "And now the car itself" in black bold words.

$$ red flags

It all started 2 weeks ago (From when this is being written) when my friend found an advert online for the car in question asking if I was interested in it. I said I would consider. Normally I would just tell him no as I did not want to spend that amount of cash on a diecast car ($95 SGD) especially when I was not really making a lot of money since I was still on a school industrial attachment. What turned me off the car even more was the fact that I tend to open all the cars I collect even if they are rare and should not be opened.

However despite all of that I still said yes to it because after doing a quick search for all the RLC Datsun cars for sale in Singapore it turns out that among all the other RLC Custom Datsun 240Zs listed the one I ended up buying was actually the lowest priced one (But who am I kidding, it is still very expensive). What's more of all the Hot Wheels RLC cars this was my favorite after the RLC R34 GTR but that car both the blue and purple one was WAAYYYYYYY out of my reach. So with all of that I pulled the trigger on it and 2 weeks later I would have the car on my hands.


Said my mother before this erupted into how I have been a bum at home (Which is not wrong) and how I should start making money before I even think about buying something like this (Apparently my Attachment pay does not count). The subject of this somewhat cursed Datsun's price did not even come up first, in fact this first started on something about the management of my personal finances but soon quickly centered around this Datsun's monstrous price tag as soon as it was mentioned. My father's version of this involved a lot less shouting but the points were more or less the same. To them they did not give a $h!& about how nicely detailed this car was, how much time when into each one and how this car is only available to people who sign up for the chance to buy one, they only cared (And rightfully so) about the fact that I spent $95 on a Hot Wheels car.

Diorama, Sileighty and FC RX7 owned by the friend who helped me collect the Datsun

Diorama, Sileighty and FC RX7 owned by the friend who helped me collect the Datsun

And now the car itself

Now that my own story about how this lazy bum made a really bad decision aside lets talk about the car itself because price aside this is probably the best 1:64 car I have ever owned in terms of quality and detailing.

When I started writing this article I referred to this car as the Datsun 240Z, while this was not wrong it is not correct as the proper name for this car is the Custom Datsun 204Z. I feel I should clear this up as there is another RLC Datsun 240Z and I cannot be bothered to reply to the people who will correct me and say it is technically the Custom version. For reference below is a picture of the RLC Datsun 240Z next to the Custom version.

With all the corrections finally out of the way I can actually review the car.

All about the details

Like all recent premium cars from Hot Wheels, the RLC Custom 240Z has the arbitrary rubber wheels and metal base along with both the headlights and brake lights detailed but obviously for an RLC they had to do more, so on top of the lights being detailed Hot Wheels also detailed the exhaust and even the differential in silver.

What's more at the front there is a carbon fiber bonnet along with unique black fender mounted mirrors and the fenders itself being painted black as well. The exterior of the Custom 240Z is finished of with Spectraflame Race Team Blue that's complimented with dashes of yellow strips along the body and Volk Racing TE37 looking wheels.

Even in places you don't really pay attention to

The barrage of details that this 1 of 20000 car has even goes beyond the exterior and into the interior. At first glance you will probably be able to point out the bright yellow roll cage but if you look a lot closer you can also probably see the seats have a blue center to it but if you look even closer you will see that even the floor is detailed with even the pedals printed on the driver side.

Sorry for the rubbish picture

Sorry for the rubbish picture

Earlier I spoke about the carbon fiber bonnet itself but I never showed you what was inside. Lift up the relatively flimsy bonnet and you will see the very nicely detailed and carbureted L24 I6 with the Greddy logo across the engine cover, on one side you can the carburetors with the exhaust manifolds on the other.

Is it worth the price?

Although I really like this car and it is possibly one of my favorite castings for 1:64 cars of all time, I am really unsure about whether the price is worth it. The details applied such as the carbon fiber and even the interior floor are insane and are probably never going to be seen on any other diecast car but the price is still very steep. The price is probably only worth it if the car's value keeps going up but trying to buy it new is probably the only way you will be able to get the most out of your hard earned cash. If anyone is wondering I spent about double the price of the car when it was new.

Thanks for reading, sorry for the bad photography and small mini rant at the start but the price of used Japanese 1:64 cars (Not just RLCs) in Singapore is insane and probably needs to be addressed in a separate article.

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  • I went with maybe. Reason being, I spent about the original retail price for mine on the secondary market. I also open everything I buy, regardless of what I pay for it. It is easier to do so when I spend less money, obviously. This is why I said maybe. You have to find if the enjoyment you get out of it is worth the money you spent. When I do this, I try to compare it to something of equal value. Using a google exchange calculator, it looks like you spent around $70 USD for the car. I would compare that to the price of a new video game to help me better decide if it was worth the money. Do I enjoy this as much as I do a new game? Does this car have a good 'replay value?' Will I be enjoying it months from now? When I do this comparison, I often find the cars to be well worth it to me. Like I said, I open everything. I enjoy taking pics of them, displaying them and, for some, even sending them down the track. Any time I pull that car our, I get to enjoy it all over again. However, not everyone feels that way once they purchase a car, so it may not be worth that price for them. To each their own. I say $70 is a small price for the total amount of enjoyment I get from my cars (but I'd much rather spend less lol).

      3 months ago
    • Well said!!! I'm also somewhat crazy like that BUT I really try to buy 2 so I can open one and leave one in the wrapper. Of course it's double expensive!!!

        3 months ago
  • Love my RLCs but when I can't get them direct from flash sales I have to think long and hard about it. The biggest splurge I made was, after successfully getting the Flying Tigers gasser for MSRP, I flipped it to buy an RLC Gulf Porsche 917k for $125, which is absolutely the most I've ever spent on a car and it's not even close. House money I told myself. I even profited a bit on the deal.

    Still, in a little while that money isn't going to matter much. As long as you're not causing yourself real damage, it's fine to live a little.

      3 months ago
    • If the r34 rlc ever gets cheap I will buy it no questions asked

        3 months ago
    • The blue one is on a skyward trajectory but the purple one was a member car so maybe it’s easier to get?

        3 months ago
  • In the future you can sell it for more money

      3 months ago
  • OMG OMG OMG I had to look up the conversion that's like $70 USD!!! Maybe if it was a '57 Chevy and fully, fully, fully detailed I might think about it. Now you say it was only $35 when new? That sounds a LOT more reasonable but still a bit much if you ask me. I think I paid $12 or $15 with shipping for a fully detailed '57 1:64 from Johnny Lightening with a continental kit!

    Don't get me wrong, I think this car IS very nice, and I didn't even know about these exclusive Hot Wheels cars, but yeah I would say the price is pretty insane...the real question is, if you could do it all over again, would you?

      3 months ago
  • I've got one of the only intact HW Ferrari 512M's in the world. And yes, it'll stay with me forever, even with the back hatch + fenders broken off. Such a beauty, that thing is.

      3 months ago
    • I will probably sell my RLC datsun eventually but the team transport r34 gtr is something I plan to keep forever

        3 months ago
    • I've got 512M No.50. No idea where the rear hatch is, but, rest assured, I will treasure it.

        3 months ago