Oxford company unveils electric Triumph Stag and Morgan 4/4

A British company has converted two British classics into zero-emission cars, claiming they are 'the first of their kind'.

The company, called Electrogenic, has replaced the original Stag's 3-litre V8 engine with its own ‘Hyper9’ electric motor, developing 107bhp, which is less than the original's 145bhp. Nevertheless, Electrogenic has kept the original four-speed manual gearbox.

The developers of the car have also made the car easier to use by attaching to it the traditional Type 2 charging socket. In addition to that, the car's 150 mile range is not too bad, as it's higher than that of some of its more modern competitors such as the Honda e and the Mini Cooper Electric.

The company has also converted the Morgan 4/4, which precedes Morgan Motor Company's plans to make all of its future models electric. Like the Stag, the original engine was replaced with a 'Hyper9' motor and the car has 150 miles of range.

Director of Electrogenic Steve Drummond has stated, “Converting older cars like these to electric power is about using modern technology to bring out the best characteristics in the cars. Ultimately, what we’re always trying to do with our conversions is to make the cars we’ve been entrusted with into ‘better versions of themselves.”

I generally feel that based on the range and the most likely high price, this is going to be a car aimed at driving around urban areas or your local village rather than a car that you can use if your place of work if far away, which is not actually a bad feature, since 99% of car journeys in the UK are less than 100 miles.

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Comments (22)

  • I'm mostly unimpressed, as the V8 is the appeal of the Stag - even if the Triumph block was swapped over with a Rover 3.5. But my question is how tf did they keep the 4-speed w overdrive with an electric powertrain??

      27 days ago
    • Yeah, they took out one thing that made the Stag a great car. I can see EV conversion having some sense with some crappy but cult cars that you drive because of their coolness and quirkiness - let's say Beetle, 2CV, Renault R4, Yugo... But a...

      Read more
        26 days ago
    • A Beetle is a good shout tbf

        26 days ago
  • So its treason, then...

      26 days ago
  • I'll just leave this here...


      26 days ago
  • Sacrilege

      26 days ago
  • Their was already a conversion for the stag, that made it more reliable and cheaper to run. The rover v8

      26 days ago