Oxford will ban every internal combustion engine from 2020 because Oxford

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The war on cars continues with the news that the city of Oxford being the latest area to announce a blanket ban on all internal combustion powered vehicles by 2020.

This ban takes the form of a zero-emission zone and includes everything with an engine, whether it be a taxi, heavy goods vehicle and even hybrids such the green poster boy the Toyota Prius.

Only in Oxford

So if you bought a Prius and live within this proposed zone, then you’re royally and completely screwed, as Oxford City Council won’t let you drive it at all after beyond 2020.

The plan is to target the busiest city centre streets first with the policy being implemented citywide by 2035. You may be thinking how exactly this will work? Well for starters, if delivery vans and HGV’s are excluded from the city centre, how exactly will they deliver the many things required by the many residents of Oxford?

Oxford - back in the old days when cars were allowed

Lets be realistic, 2020 is only three short years away, and we cannot really see commercial electric vehicles advancing that far in such a short space of time. We also need to mention the EV charging infrastructure in the city itself. The city council has allocated £800k for the installation of electric taxi charging points.

If you happen to be an actual resident, you will get the choice of 100 additional charging points at a cost that seems somewhat unbelievable. Somehow these charging points are priced at £8,000 a piece, which seems very high to us when you consider that a home charging point costs around £1,200 including installation.

Oxford in 2020

Oxford also has some 155,000 residents to share what seems to be a very small amount of charging points leading us to think it’s not really been thought through very well at all.

If you have ever traveled to any of the major UK university cities in recent years (Oxford, Durham & Cambridge), then you will all too familiar with their hatred of the motorcar and the fact that all are nightmares to navigate on four wheels.

Will this scheme ever be workable or is it merely a political point scoring exercise? Let us know your thoughts in the #rantbox chat.

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