Packing For A Road Trip? Easiest Thing In The World ...

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The sun is shinning bright. Inflatable flamingos are bought. Ice cream is being consumed. The schools are closed. University is only a distant memory. Worries about your future, money, and work have been locked away in a dark cupboard. The open roads are too inviting for your own good.

This year I very sensibly decided that I should give into the temptation. It was time for a road trip. Easiest holiday I ever had to plan. I know where to drive, I already have a car, and hotels aren't particularly rare in this world either. The only time I had to consider less things for a holiday was when I had been a child.

Destination: some mountain.

This joy only lasted so long. Then I had to turn towards a far, FAR more treacherous task: packing for a road trip.

You see, when you travel on a plane packing becomes surprisingly easy. Mostly because you are already limited by weight, and if you value your life you're going to travel with hand-luggage only anyway. It's the same for train journeys: anything that you can't carry must be left behind. However, since those factors fall away with the car, I realized that I could take ANYTHING with me!

This realization wasn't helped when any type of reason had gone on holiday as well. Instead it began to tempt me. "Pardon me, Miss," it began. "... may we consider taking the laptop with us?"

What for? Never before have I gone on holiday with it. Is there even a need for it? After all I can look up most things with my phone, I can take photos with it and automatically save them on the Endless Amazon Photo Cloud should I wish to do so. Furthermore, sentences can be written by hand. I couldn't think of a reason why I would need to take it with me.

"Yeah, but we can now." reason explain.

Somehow, I did find this rather convincing. This went on for longer than I care to admit.

However, credit where credit is due, by the end of the day I was ready to face all odds on this journey. No matter how likely, reasonable or realistic. Invited to a fancy Heufest? I'd be ready (Dirndl). Lady days? Obvious. Ran out of bog roll? That won't even happen. Adopting a stray cat? I am here. Zombie Apocalypse? I got your back (axe)

And so with the fine knowledge that I could take on the world, I went to the shops to cover the nourishment side of this journey.

As I stood there inspecting the fine samples of apples my gaze fell upon the tobacconist's on the opposite side. Not only are you able to get every sort of tobacco and magazine you ever dreamed of from there. At the same time you are able to buy a small sticker you put on the windscreen which enables you to use the Austrian Autobahn. Or as it is know in Austria: a Pickerl

"Pickerl, a" - Noun, Austrian German. Colour-coordinated sticker that allows you to legally use the Austrian Autobahn. Syn.: Autobahnvignette. Not to be mistaken with "Pickerl, das"

Suddenly realization struck me. While I had carefully packed my cat-vase I had not considered things that I would actually need. I had three pairs of penguin socks but had no road maps. Neither did I have a ticket for the tollway yet. I had no idea what the fuel level in my car was, and while falling down the GroƟglockner while shouting "kiss my tailpipe, Bulle!" sounds like a worthy ending, falling it down due to failing brakes does not.

While yes, you are technically able to take half your room with you in the car: don't. All that weight is going to slow you down anyway. Instead buy maps, check if you have a spare-wheel, apples for nourishment, enough underwear (don't worry, it can be turned around) and take a toothbrush with you.

However, don't forget to take an axe with you. one may never know ...

Spare-wheel & axe - two vital goods for any road trip

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P.S.: Until my return I am leaving this tribe in four very capable hands. Cheers!