All drivers flock to join, with Grosjean even designing a special t-shirt for members to wear.

Seeing as every man and his celebrity dog was invited to Austin for the american grand prix yesterday, DVOF also got a rare pass to come along. Here's a few reactionary words we managed to gleam from the great and good of the F1 paddock.


"Wow, what a great race. Who was that guy who everyone kept mentioning? Oh yeah, Max Verstappen. I think I saw him on a can of red bull the other day, but that might have been the other guy. All I can tell is that he's like a double version of Senna. He's like, if Senna and that other guy he raced with in the 90s had some sort of super-formula 1 offspring. And then that created a powerful robot with 5 x the power, knowledge and capacity to master skills than a regular human being."


"Hey listen, I might have won the race today, but if the rules permitted I would like to jump down from the top step of the podium, give back my winners hat and bottle of champagne, hand the trophy back to clinton and let Max Verstappen take my place. What a guy, what a glorious racing driver. What a man. He only got a five second time penalty for cutting a chicane. I got a 25 second penalty in 2008. It just shows his true class and ability. I wish to hang up my boots and proclaim him the best driver of all time. He's the best i've ever seen at the wheel of a racing car. That's all I can say. Is that enough Chase? Err, oh god, is the dictaphone still on?"


"Well my oh my am I glad that you've caught me at such an opportune moment, DVOF, as the fans call you. Did you know that if you take the number 2, times it by 82 and then times it by a further 382, that equates to half of the miles I would walk to see Max Verstappen at a PR appearance? I love him, but then again you already know that don't you? You can tell by my shirt. Today, I have launched the official Max Verstappen fan club. And on a fitting day indeed, when our very own max defied both the laws of physics and gravity using nothing but his own might in an astounding overtake on Kimi Raikkonen, which was so cruelly denied to stand by the evil FIA with their evil Ferrari-loving ways. This moment will mark a line, drawn elegantly in the sand to signify the historic moment when F1 changed forever. How dare they deny our beloved young charger of his true destiny?"


"I moved for Max because it's the right thing to do. I cannot stop his progress, I must not stop his progress. He is the king and rules over all of us loving citizens. I love him, I look up to him, I respect him more than I respect the lasagne at the circuit de catalunya. He is my idol."


"I've raced against some of the best of all time, and I'm telling you something right now, Senna wasn't fit to lace Max's boots. I would grovel and beg to the gods to spend just one race alongside him."


"It wasn't the best race, but to be honest I'm glad and grateful not to have won the championship, for a better man deserves it. Max Verstappen. I'm disgusted Lewis is taking this chance away from him, has he no shame? I will gladly hand all my records to the future king."


"I've penned a tribute anthem to Max Verstappen to honour his greatness and future potential as a future world champion of the sport with a large and passionate young fanbase who engage with his online content, buy his sponsored products and turn up to races all around the globe in great numbers thus signifying a bright future for the sport. Would anyone like to hear it?"

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