Paddy Lowe to Williams?

2y ago


My guess is that Lowe can if he so wishes join any team on the grid. He must have had heaps of money scraped in his direction along with great promises of control inside the Williams team, if he is indeed going there...

Why is Ferrari, probably the richest F1 team, not on the hunt for Lowe? Is Ferrari hindered by being in Italy? I believe so... It´s hard to pick your family up from the UK and move to Italy to the work away from home 9-10 months a year.

Ferrari should consider little Italy


In my opinion Ferrari would do well in opening a branch for its F1 team in the UK (sort of a Little Italy). The the appeal of working for Ferrari could be even stronger then it is at the moment. Then Lowe, Allison or any other F1 genus could stay in the UK but still go for the ultimate F1 dream of working for Ferrari. The fact that Ferrari is an Italian company is very important though, it´s quite important to Ferrari and its pride. So maybe the Italian fans would be unhappy. They would forget it fast if it would give them a long awaited championship though.

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