Pagani Huayra Roadster BC sets a new lap record at Spa

This $3 million car sure does live up to its name!

33w ago

Pagani has always been known to produce some insanely fast cars, but the Huayra Roadster BC might just be the most impressive of them all as it sets a new lap record at Spa Francorchamps in Belgium.

During testing, the Huayra Roadster BC set a lap time of two minutes and 23.081 seconds, setting a new record at the circuit for homologated road cars. And just to make it that bit better, the lap record was set on a damp track.

Aside from this, while the Huayra was testing, it underwent more than 350,000 kilometers (217,479 miles)of real-world testing. 45,000 kilometers (27,961 miles) of these were conducted on racetracks alone. So, it is pretty safe to say that the Huayra Roadster BC has been thoroughly tested and pushed to its absolute limit.

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Comments (6)

  • It will probably do another 200,000 miles too!! Well engineered and manufactured!

      7 months ago
  • Mercedes AMG engines are brilliant, not sure you’d get 200k miles in a Ferrari!

      7 months ago
  • Horachio Pagani said he doesn't like those big fixed rear wings

    And there is this

      7 months ago
  • I know. It beat the Senna! Still VBOX data shows the Senna can still go faster

      7 months ago
  • I really hope pagani have one last hurrah of the amg v12 in a new car. The imola is just a Huayra in a racing car suit

      7 months ago