Pagani: when AMG doesn't make V12 how do i suppose to do?

Pagani's corporation with AMG

Pagani Automobili s.p.a founded in Modena Via dell'Artigianato, 5 in 1991. Starting with Pagani's first car Zonda C12 presented in 1999 with a AMG V12 natural aspirated 6L (5987 cc)engine.And Huayra Coupé carry AMG V12 6.0L twin turbo since 2011.

The first Pagani——Zonda C12

For AMG said we don't use the V12 engine.Personally,i reckon there were four solutions

1.Build their homemade engine

At the beginning of R&D and production, Koenigsegg did not choose to cooperate with the manufactures with the engine part, but the V8 engine he made himself. Roughly it seems that this option is feasible. However, from the personal knowing of Horacio, in this period of time, he will not make his own engine.

Why am I so sure about? I can explain this way. First of all, we ignore the cost of R&D with engine. He is very much fascinated by Da Vinci's 's "coexistence of science and aesthetics." Large to the appearance, as small as a screw has Pagani's LOGO. Pagani will not only make amazing details in the places you can see, but also have even more amazing breakthroughs in places you can't intuitively tell directly.

Some people may ask, how did you come to this conclusion? To give a simple example, the Huayra Coupé weighs 1350kg. The newly designed Huayra Roadster, which was released in 2017, weighs 1280kg and weighs 70kg, which is equivalent to the weight of an adult (I am less than 70kg lol). Take it to compare RR. The Wraith weight 2440kg and the RR Dawn 2560 kg. What is the concept that a convertible version is lighter than a coupe? Perhaps it is still not that clear by looking at the data. Generally speaking, the convertible version is relatively fragile to the coupe structure and requires more sturdy material to ensure the safety of the owner. Therefore, the weight of the convertible is usually heavier than the coupe version. The Huayra Roadster is the first car to handle roadster a lighter weight than coupe.

If you feel it is not convincing enough, I would like to give another example. In the age of Zonda, Horacio has been designing for the R&D of Huayra. Mr. Pagani stared at the model for hours and hours understood the design from any angles. I also appreciate Mr. Pagani's persistence, meticulousness and uncompromise. So Huayra's research and development time was going through unbelievably for 8 years. The Geneva Motor Show is usually held from a few days to a dozen days in March each year. Huayra was released in 2011, and the show was not a real car. It was delivered to the costumers 11 months after the auto show.It can be seen that only those who have such philosophical and aesthetic pursuits for their appearance, if Pagani make their own engines, they will certainly demand the ultimate perfection. To make such an engine, I think it will definitely exceed the time of designing exterrior (8 years), it is obviously unrealistic to spend so much time according to future trends.


Rimac can be the fastest electric car in the world, and one of the best battery technology besides it can be said as remarkable concept with the others. As we know the Koenigsegg Regera is hybrid car.The battery part is developed by Croatian manufacturer Rimac Automobili.

Rimac's strength is obvious to all. Alejandro took 918 weissach and Rimac Concept one to drag race long time ago. In pursuit of fairness, they tried many times. What unexpected was that Concept won more games.


Concept one take champion among with the Lamborghini Aventador S and Honda NSX easily


Not only for this,Rimac is in charge for producing KERS hybrid battery systems for Aston Martin's all-new hyper car, the Valkyrie.n addition, Rimac is not only making cars, but also developing battery systems and serving other companies' technical aspects. Therefore, I personally think that the cooperation between Pagani and Rimac will be very possible in the future.

3.AMG build V12 engine for pagani as require

AMG's V12 engine is used on the S65. Simply analyze the engine's 6.0L twin-turbo, 621 hp1000N`M, and 0 to 100 is 4.2 seconds. The S63's engine V8 twin-turbo 604hp has a displacement of only 4L. From this point of view, the S65 is killed by the S63. Although the S65's acceleration in the 100km is very good, how many people will buy for this speed? From the perspective of AMG operations, there is really no need to exist. AMG is also developing vigorously. The hybrid V8.S65 and SL65 will become the swan song of AMG V12.

Tobias Moers, head of AMG, once said: "The future AMG will no longer use the V12 engine." At the Paris Motor Show, he confirmed this to the media.

In some way this saying has loophole.We can understand with that: AMG will continue to do the V12 engine, but not for its own use. For example, specializing doing the V12 engine for Pagani and Maybach is a steady profit. Don't worry about one product comparing another product (S63 and S65). Perhaps this explanation is quite interesting. After all, it is not said to be dead. . (This is also the first feeling I have heard after hearing the news, and I think the most likely solution.)


If Pagani continues to use the AMG engine, the M177 4L twin-turbo V8 can be used directly, and it is undoubted that this engine will be smaller than the V12. Pagani's body is designed for the V12. According to the character of Horacio, his tough style and the pursuit of the ultimate aesthetic, if he redesign the body, it will take several years. So if you use the V8 engine, you need AMG to get the V8 engine back to redesign. The best V8 engine can produce 630 hp, but the manufacturer had said that it can reach 800 hp after being tuned, which is exactly figure what Pagani hopes to see.

If so an old friend who has been working for many years will leave us, but there is disappointment in my heart. Due to the development of reality and trends, I have to say goodbye to this old friend. After all, there is no banquet in the world.

In 2019 next year, the 20th anniversary of Pagani, it means that AMG's V12 has been with Pagani for 20 years.

i had to say: "Time flies"

Now, let us review all the Pagani AMG V12 engines.

ZONDA C12 1999

ZONDA S 7.0 2000 ROADSTER 7.3 2003

ZONDA F 2005 ROADSTER 2006 ROADSTER CLUBSPORT(F RS light weight version)

ZONDA R 2009 15 units R EVOLUCIÓN 2012 5 units M120 CLK-GTR racing engine


ZONDA CINQUE 2009 5 unit ROADSTER 2010 5 unit



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The most arrogant Pagani——Zonda R's roar Credit subrosaglobal

HUAYRA COUPÉ 2011 100 unit M158 engine

HUAYRA BC 2016 20 unit

HUAYRA ROADSTER 2017 100 unit

The successor of Huayrawill arrive in 2020 with the manual transmission will be provided. The first pure electric will arrive in 2025.

The spy photos of Pagani Huayra BC Roadster on the Franciacorta track have been unveiled (Tip: click on the link to view the picture) .BC Roadster new engines, increased tail, modified diffuser and large intake and showing up in next year Geneva motor show limited edition of 40 unit. And this Huayra BC Roadster may also be the last swan of Pagani AMG V12.

As I said before, next year is Pagani's 20th anniversary. Pagani will hold a grand event. Paganimen shall wait and see.



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