- A damaged Pagani Zonda PS 760!

Pagani Zonda Loses It's Nose In U.K. Accident!

1y ago


Last week, I wrote an article on a McLaren P1 catching fire in London. It appears it's not turning out to be a good week for supercars, with reports of a Pagani Zonda PS 760 being involved in an accident, along the A27 in the U.K..

The front nose across from the rest of the Zonda's body!

Although reports are scarce on what actually happened, it is rumoured that the 760BHP car was travelling to the Saywell track days, and many other visitors passed the damaged vehicle on their way to the event.

Powered by a 7.3L V12 engine, the car's front nose was unfortunately ripped off in the accident. Reports state that the driver was uninjured. The car on the other hand had to be loaded onto a tow truck, hopefully to drive another day in the future!

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  • The car looks like a toy with its nose off. It's amazing to see how clean the insides actually is.

    1 year ago


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