Paid for an ass kicking

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It's quite funny, you'd think that most of us petrolheads would be inclined to steer away from challanges that are a forgone conclusion such as putting your car up against a McLaren P1 but NO! The guys over at Performance Portfolio have put together an experience day of sorts whereby you can pay to be a passenger in or race against the McLaren P1 that will be there.

P1 Engine

The event itself happens next year on the 20th May at Leuchars RAF St Andrews. The car in question is of course the McLaren P1 which is what 904bhp? 0-60 in 2.4 secs? I mean sweet Jesus there is just no way on earth we can beat this thing.

That being said, whilst I was mulling over whether or not I even bother signing up to this it occured to me that this was in fact a chance to legally see what the limitations of my own car where. So that means we can belt down this runway whilst following the P1 shaped blur and see just where our car peaks.


It's myself an Colin Tennant that will be taking part from the club and both of us will be throwing our HSV LS brutes at this thing. Statically we don't really stack up at all making less than half the required power with my Monaro VXR LS2 6L V8 pushing 455bhp and Colins LS3 6.2L V8 around 426bhp (approx), perhaps if we bolted the engines together to make one uber Holden we would be in with a chance.

It's going to be an interesting day and from what I've read it's also for a good cause so all in all we are just going to head over there, have a laugh and enjoy the experience. I'm sure we'll see some elitists down there and it'll be interesting to see if anyone manages to beat it. That supercharger is looking like it would have been a good purchase...

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  • Of course mate, documented evidence of the failure haha

    1 year ago
  • You gents better have some GoPros hooked up for us!!

    1 year ago


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