Paint it Black: 1:18 Bentley Continental Supersports by Welly

T​he perfect balance between power and luxury, in 1:18 scale

According to a recent DriveTribe poll, members of our tribe are cutting back on purchasing diecast models. I, however, am a member of the minority in that poll as I continue to look for ways to further build out my collection. It helps, of course, that my parents recently went wine tasting in Paso Robles and discovered several nearly new diecast models in collectables stores and brought them home for me. It's a lot easier to build your collection when you don't have to actually use your own money to do it!

In case you were wondering... no, my latest review of the newest member of my collection isn't from my parent's Paso Robles trip (but the next model I am going to review is!). Nope, I actually bought this one myself using the money I had left over from my purchase/review of the AUTOart Aston Martin Vulcan. I decided to treat myself to a new model but soon faced a problem: ​the cars I looked at were affordable but lower quality than I like or comically expensive and out of my price range. After what felt like an eternity of online searching, I found myself on Diecast Model Wholesale's website - an American diecast reseller - and narrowed my search. What was I looking for, you ask? A Bentley Continental.

The Bentley section on Diecast Model Wholesale site was great. To my surprise there were so many Continentals, some by Kyosho, others by Minichamps. Then I found a model by a manufacturer that I could've sworn I had heard of before - Welly. This seemed like a high quality bang-for-your-buck diecast manufacturer, like Maisto on cocaine. I had the choice between two nearly identical models - one in grey with black rims, another that was all black. I figured if I was going to have a lot of black, I might as well get it blacked out. Even my parents liked it. The next thing I knew I was going through checkout on the Diecast Model Wholesaler site and was even more surprised to see the reasonable price of $50 for what seemed like a very high quality model. Would it live up to my high expectations when it arrived? The model came a few days later, and it was just how I envisioned it: perfect! I was ecstatic!

F​irst impressions

From the first time I had laid eyes on this model I knew it would easily be the favorite in my collection. The detail is comparative to AUTOart and Kyosho's cars, for half the price (even less than half the price if you don't count the shipping charges which I absolutely hate!). The brake calipers have the 'Bentley' script cleanly written across them, and the 'Supersports' badging written above the side skirts on each side of the car. There was also a suspension system built in giving the car a realistic feel, something you don't find often in a model of at this price.

E​xterior styling

Welly did a great job on the overall reproduction with the majority of the details found on the 1:1 version included in the 1:18 model. The detail is very easy to see in the brake discs and calipers and the Bentley logos. However, I noticed the vents on both sides and below the grille weren't as realistic as the rest of the car. You'll notice that the grille vents were painted darkly, and had some depth to them. The other vents, such as those under the headlights, were painted lighter and were flat, making it so they didn't look as realistic as I would have liked. Outside of that, the exterior was spot on.

I​nside the cabin

P​ersonally, I think the cabin is the best part of this model. I have always been quite fond of Bentley's interiors, and appreciate that the team at Welly made sure that this model's interior would be well replicated. Although the seats are plastic (one of my pet peeves!), that didn't stop Welly from "quilting" them (quilting is a stitching technique Bentley uses). Welly also featured Bentley's infotainment system, which tied everything together. I only have one complaint: The logo on the steering wheel was peeling off upon arrival, not something you'd find on a real Continental.

U​nder the hood

The monstrous 6.0L V12 reproduced very well and is absolutely massive even at 1:18 scale. As for the under-hood details, they are the best of any sub-$100 model I own. Two examples of the great work by Welly are the "Bentley" logo written down the center of the engine, and the caution label in front of the engine. Detail doesn't get too much better than this for $60!


W​elly has proved that you don't have to break the bank to get a quality model. Welly has also shown to be a viable competitor to both Norev and even some models from Minichamps. Everything on this model opens (trunk included), with exquisite detail throughout. I was never a big fan of second generation Continentals, but I am increasingly more interested in them after spending time with this Continental Supersports diecast model.

W​elly's 1/18 2012 Bentley Continental Supersports

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Comments (10)

  • _i see a red Bentley and i want it into black, no colours anymore i want them to turn black_

      1 month ago
  • Probably the only one I can afford lol.. luckily I have rich friends so I can drive theirs

      1 month ago
    • How is it in person?

        1 month ago
    • Very fast naturally.. I think it is a 2011 GT Speed. Once you drive it a couple times it becomes a car.. nothing special as weird as that sounds. The infotainment is terrible, the newer ones I’m told is better . After 30 minutes driving I think I...

      Read more
        1 month ago
  • So sleek and elegant. 😍

      29 days ago
  • Nice camera angles

      1 month ago
  • I love 1:18 scale models....I wish I had the money to collect them...But it's nice to see them online anyway.

      29 days ago