- The Panache Customs Falkor


This year the new tuner company Panache Customs debuted on the market presenting a new scrambler.

1y ago

The Frenchman Charles Murillon learned the art of making custom motorcycles at the German company Diamond Atelier and two years ago he started his business.

Front section

Front section

The first project was a scrambler based on the Yamaha XS360, that after two years of development is now ready.

Side section

Side section

Named Falkor as the white dragon of the movie "The NeverEnding Story", it has retained the original 360 twin-cylinder engine by adding only a new smaller exhaust system.

Rear section

Rear section

Equipped with a tubular frame on which new stainless steel superstructures have been mounted, the bike has also new electrical wiring and a new lithium battery. Other final additions include a new braking system, new knobbed tires and new Motone grips.


In my opinion the scrambler version is much more beautiful than the original one, but what do you think?

Thank you to Valentina Zanola for the cooperation

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